Astrology is an ancient science. In our past, all people with great minds studied Astrology. 3,000 years ago, you needed to have a lot of knowledge to be able to tell the paths of the Planets. It took a lot of observing and a mathematical education. Those people lived with the nature. They admired the Sun and Moon, they gave thanks to the rain, or to day and night. They saw a simple truth: everything in the nature is tightly connected with us. We depend on our Earth. They believed people were connected with the stars, and especially with the Planets in our neighborhood.

If the rain or drought decided their lives, then the Planets decided their destiny. Today we are tightly connected to our houses, our cars, or our mobile phones. All sorts of gadgets have become our Goods. We don't even care about Earth, and we don’t welcome the rain nor the sun. They are not important to us.

A mortgage for our house, a new car, or a new sex adventure is more important. Sometimes we think we cannot go on living because one of these ‘very important things has failed. In these daily or monthly horoscopes we are looking for simple answers. 'Will she call me?', or 'Shall I get a raise?' No, if Planets talk, they will not talk about these things. You could live without your car and phone and house. But you could not survive 3 minutes without air. Nothing would grow without the sun or rain. You could not live for 3 days without water.

If Planets talk, they will talk about us, about people as a whole. We can see their path, much easier than ancient people. We now have computers, satellites and telescopes. We have become much better in observing and much worse in listening. We could try to understand their message. These messages are for all of us. They suggest how to behave, how to become better. For the Earth, for ourselves and for others. We are not here to solve the simple problems of our lives and to live in comfort. We are here with a mission.

We are pieces of a bigger picture in which every tiny part is important. Our lives were not cheap. We were expensive to pay for. Because of this, we have enormous power - power to make our lives miserable and power to make us great. Both of these lead somewhere. Ancient people believed that stars and Planets could help us to see where we were going. They could help us understand ourselves.

And be in harmony with them and with nature. Therefore, read monthly and daily horoscopes with this in mind. They cannot tell you your own specific destiny because there are almost one billion people on this Planet, who are born into every Zodiac sign. It is impossible that they have same destiny. Not even two of them have it.

The only specific horoscope for one soul can be made as a natal chart observing. There you can maybe find some clues to understand you own life. In natal charts, Astrologists see the planets in the exact time, date and place of your birth. Then they try to hear what they whispered to you... Be yourself, try to be better and better, be grateful and respect who you are. Planets are on our side.