Capricorn Business Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Capricorn Monthly Career Horoscope 


You know you have the persistence and strength of purpose to reach your goals. You know that your life is serious business. But, you can be worried about one question: am I achieving as much as I should be?

Despite your intelligence and the fact that you are so determinated, you often feel insecure. In that way you are the worst enemy to yourself. You feel so powerful. Why you don't live like that?

Strange influence from Pluto and your ruler Saturn, who is in Sagittarius, could make this questions even harder. In April, your insecure feelings could become worse.

But, there is nothing you have to be afraid of. You have been born under the star of success! Sooner or later, faster or slower, you will succeed. All obstacles in the way are just there to improve yourself. To become stronger. They are your teachers. They will not ruin you, they will make you stronger.

Your lesson in April is to love yourself. You must allow the spontaneous part of yourself to play and run. You can ask: what does this mean for my career? I have to work!

Surely you do, but there is an easier way. If you let yourself play, you could discover it.

You have an admirable ability to concentrate. Also, you are precise and orderly. These are great qualities that you will never lose. You can just add to them.

Moon will visit you on the 11th and 12th of April. Relax. Enjoy. Forget your worries. Feel the air, listen to your breath... These actions are not wasted time. On the contrary, they will bring more quality time for your work.