HOROSCOPE: Discover what type of men finds you irresistible exactly because of the sign you were born in

Here's what kind of men fall for your horoscope sign... Surprised?


Your ruthless ambition is enough to make even confident partners feel inferior. But people who are motivated just like you have no problem with being in a relationship with you.


You attract people who just like you enjoy fine things in life - subscription to cable TV, Nutella cream (directly from the jar) and ideally a pet nearby, chilling on the couch in sweatpants and in the arms of a loved one.


Those who are equally spontaneous as you will notice you first – will you be sitting at home watching the series for three weeks and then all of a sudden go to the unplanned journey that will keep you awake for five nights? Nobody knows! One thing is certain: it's never boring to be around you (although your bank account wishes it was).

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You are not quite so open towards others, so the person who will fall in love with you will be the one who will be able to enjoy with you alone everything from long walks to six-hour long coffee time. This will be exactly someone who has something to do with your business or company, i.e.,. environment where you get to know people primarily on a friendly basis.


Although you look a bit arrogant to people around you, the right person will quickly realize that this is just the surface and that you actually like other people very much. A person who will give you compliments and who will admire you is perfect for you, and maybe doesn't realize that in return they will get much more from you.

HOROSCOPE: Discover what type of men finds you irresistible exactly because of the sign you were born in


You just love to help people and you need this feeling that somebody needs you. Therefore, you will attract a person who needs you and who won't be able to imagine life without you. As a true Virgo, after a stressful day you will not upset your partner further but take him to fast food restaurant. Who could not love you?


Your diplomat nature is often undermined with laziness, which prevents you from making the first step, but people who love you because of the way you presented yourself to them, will be the ones who love to question everything more times, just like you. A person who is able to sit in a trendy restaurant and gossip with you is Libra's soul mate.


Scorpios are not people who can just chill, and when they love they immediately put themselves into it 100%. That's why Scorpio is attracted to people who are also 'pathologically' keen on you and who are not embarrassed for sending 27 messages if you've been out of range for half an hour. Scorpio doesn't mind that, and neither does their other half, because they simply have to live for each other.


Let's be honest, there is almost no person that isn't immediately drawn by Sagittarius since this is a sign that brings out the extrovert out of everyone. However, Sagittarius mostly attracts shy people who need help to open up to and just want to do with you something that they would otherwise have been ashamed.

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You are a workaholic who rarely makes contacts, but many immediately see that you are a family oriented and very ambitious person. Someone who wants all of that also wants you in the package. So you're a team together and for you only the sky is the limit!


You are a person who can't miss any social event on Facebook and comment it, and while some accuse you of being a hater, those you will attract will see exactly the opposite – for them you are the most passionate person who wants to make things as good as possible.


Sometimes you are too vulnerable to the modern world, but even with that you still create an incredible amount of passion and stability and thus attract people who are mild tempered and very polite in the company of others.


HOROSCOPE: Discover what type of men finds you irresistible exactly because of the sign you were born in