Taurus Love Horoscope

Because of lack of interesting we do not update Monthly Love Horoscope


Dear Taurus, Venus is still in your sign. Until 16th of April. You already know what Venus means. It is planet of love and beauty.

What you didn’t have time to do in March, do it in April. Lost opportunity to say anything to your partner, do it now. Nice words, if you have it, and also what you need to change. Don't be afraid. If something disturb you for long period it will not disappear suddenly. It has to be solved.

You also have Mars in your sign, all April. Mars is Planet of energy, and is an exact opposite of Venus. Venus represents  female, and Mars  male. Venus is about harmony, and Mars is about conflict.

So, from 1st of April to 16th April, you will have some contradictory reactions and feelings in your heart. You could feel this disturbing. And indecision. Don't think that you are not good enough. It is time to understand yourself. Also, to find out what you want in relationship. Of, course, as every retrospect, it will not be easy.

Mars will push you to argue, to discuss with everything. And Venus will support you to love. And find beauty in your life.

It is your job to discover equilibrate.

In second half of April, Venus will let you, but Sun is coming. Your romantic feeling maybe suddenly disappear. Also, your confuse reactions. But, new energy coming. So, the end of month will be period to act.

For Taurus who are not in a relationship, period from 01 April to 16th April, also could be disturb. But, full with opportunities. Venus will open new chances, new relations... And Mars will be pushing on some action before time. He will bring you sense of restlessness. Illusion that you don't have time. Do not be tricked!

Also, you usually hopeless romantic. Because, Venus is your constant companion. So, when you meet someone new, don't construction pictures that everything is finally solved. No, it is not. Something ends, something’s begin. Just be yourself, nice and easy.

In the nights 19th and 20th April, Moon entering in your sign. If you feel that unfence of Venus and Mars become too strong, rest in quite this days, especially nights. Moon will send energy for recover.