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If you are single:
Regardless of the type of drama unfolding in your love life at the beginning of the month, you'll be able to manage it with logic and common sense when intelligent Mercury enters your steady, practical sign on May 3. But you're not in a rush to make your move. 

Your slow pace is one of the most attractive things about you during this leisurely transit. The Full Moon in airy Libra lands in your sixth house of daily routines on May 5, reminding you to always look your best, even if it takes a little effort! You'll have more confidence during this lunation when you take the time to carefully choose your clothes, apply your favorite beauty products, and make sure your hair looks perfect before leaving the house. 

On May 20, the Sun leaves erratic Aries and enters your solid, reliable first house, heralding a period of self-assurance and security. You know what kind of person you're looking for, and you know that what you have to offer is top-notch.

For couples:
Reason and logic can save your relationship when communication manager Mercury enters your stable, solid sign of Taurus on May 3rd. Over the next few weeks, you'll be able to find useful solutions to your problems instead of always jumping to the worst-case scenario in your mind. 

On May 5th, the full moon in beauty-appreciating Libra is in your sixth house of routine, so make sure you're doing what's necessary to look your best. It's easy to let go and relax when you're in a serious, long-term relationship, Taurus, but this lunar cycle encourages you to do what's necessary to look (and feel) great. 

On May 20th, you can look forward to the sun entering your first house of new beginnings, once again giving you hope that this relationship has what it takes to go the distance. Leave your stubbornness behind and keep an open mind as you explore what the future holds for you as a couple.