Pisces Business Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Pisces Monthly Career Horoscope

Double Neptune in April could also create illusions about your work. You can feel very excited about a new project and have hope and energy for it. It is, of course, good to have hope in something, but remember that in this period you might see what it is not really there.  ​

Your element is water and, imagining the sea, it is evident in how easily you adopt to the ever-shifting currents around you. But, also more than anybody else, you are enormously influenced by your surroundings. In some way, you are very vulnerable. Not many natives of this sign are suited to the harsh, rough and tumble world of business and commerce. You will be more successful as a writer, musician or artist.

Because of your vulnerability, your fears appear. You can be confused and feel you like you cannot recognize reality from illusion. Also, you worry too much. In this month especially, you could have a lack of confidence and sorrow.

But, it is never so gray. You have an imposing intuition. Maybe, you haven't started to use it, or were too young before. Maybe, you have not discovered it yet. Whether you have or haven't, your intuition is a hidden treasure. Many astrologers believe that Pisces is a link to spiritual world. The end of the horoscope as the entrance to a new state of mind. Yes, maybe it will be sometimes hard for you in this world, but this will change. When you find where you belong, let go of your fears and worries, find a way to control your feelings and start to enjoy this state of living.

Lots of people at your work and in your private life recognize you as someone special. They see this inner, deep side of yours. So try to be surrounded with these kinds of people.

The Moon will come in to your sign on the 15th and 16th of April. This could be a time to clear up what you can't recognize as illusion. The Moon will improve your intuition and clear the way for it to show up. Together, they are much stronger then Neptune's influence. Use that to forget all your fears. They are illusions also.