From this chart, we can make a conclusion that Leo has the most happiness, physical energy and body warmth. Aquarius lacks happiness, has little physical energy and suffers from the cold. Aries has a fascinating energy and Libra is always in expectation of power which is why sometimes their behavior is autocratic.

The Moon makes Cancer romantic, Capricorn tough, Taurus to have a thirst for love and Pisces mystical. Virgo and Scorpio are nervous and selfish. Mercury in the night domicile in Gemini and daily domicile in Virgo makes these two signs manipulative and cunning, intellectually gifted, with a sense for trade and material side of the life. These characteristics are warped in Sagittarius. Scorpio and Virgo have good fortune in the making the capital.

Taurus is stingy or wasteful and Pisces do not pay their bills. Mars in the daily domicile in Aries and night domicile in Scorpio makes these people insensitive to other people's problems and unpleasant. They are ready to fight, tough, aggressive, successful generals, and they always say what’s on their mind. Taurus and Libra are pacifists and they love peaceful life.

Capricorn is the most aggressive and most unscrupulous on his path to power and position. For the same reasons, Cancer is always ready to argue and provoke. Venus in the night domicile in Taurus and daily domicile in Libra influences that these two signs need most of the love.

They live for art, beauty and music. Scorpio and Aries are the least tender signs because of the Venus in exile. Cancer is in desperate need for love; they family and children. The same applies for Pisces. Capricorn and Virgo are the two signs which have out completely by the side their feelings and affections. They are insensitive and cold in love.

Jupiter gives Sagittarius and Pisces happiness, joy, free spirit and appetite. They are hard to catch, they give back only as much as they want; they don’t ask others if they need anything. Exile of Jupiter in Gemini and Virgo means pessimism and lack of happiness. Taurus and Cancer enjoy life, while life of Scorpio and Capricorn is cloudy and difficult. Saturn in Capricorn gives this sign authority and power. They rule at any time and any place, in the career, at the workplace and within the family.

Saturn is in the night in Aquarius therefore this most human and most tolerant rules at night on music stages and in the field of astrology, occultism, parapsychology and philosophy. Although Saturn in exile is in Cancer and Leo, they also rule violently and they show it. Cancer rules within the family and among close friends while Leo is a leader. Libra and Aries also rule but Aries rules aggressively and openly and Libra does it in a gentle way. Slapping by Aries is real slapping, while slapping by Libra feels more like a gentle touch. However, velvet glove of Libra hides an iron fist.

Uranus in Aquarius leads this sign through constant changes regardless of whether Auguries wants it or not. It pushes him forward in front of everyone else so that he can be engaged in discovering the future for the mankind. Aquarians are the forerunners of the fashion and carriers of the future. Their eyes always look far into the future and they are the first who see the upcoming changes, Daily domicile in Capricorn makes them skillful in works that are done by hands,and contentmentin discoveries in the field of chemistry, biology and laboratory work, where reasonable sense is required. Exile of Uranus in Leo and Cancer spares these people from going through different changes.

During their life, Virgo and Scorpio go through positive changes while the Pisces are uncatchable. Taurus is inert and they jealously preserve their belongings. Neptune makes Pisces the most mystical sign which is prone to usage of alcohol, drugs or nicotine. However, this is also a sign of good dancers, especially ballet dancers. but it is also a sign of good dancers, especially ballet dancers. They are prone to nervous disorders. Sagittarius has a need for gratification.

Virgo and Gemini stand quite firmly on the ground, but they like nigh life, alcohol and unbridled state. Neptune is exalted in Aquarius which makes these people distant, mystical and affiliated to music. They can fall under the influence of drugs and alcohol because they gladly seek for a refuge from every day gloom of life. Night domicile of Pluto, this negative planet of the Greek God Hade makes Scorpio difficult, dangerous, aggressive person, which takes more than he gives. Pluton in Scorpio is the cause of wars, volcanoes, fires, with mandatory sex as a tool in the fight against death.

Pluto in the daily domicile in Aries is also fiery and aggressive. It causes destructions so that Aries can start rebuilding things from the scratch. Exile of Pluto in Libra and Taurus makes these people the greatest supporters of peace and exalted Pluto gives Gemini creative and intellectual forces which they use to influence the masses. Pluto in the fall in Sagittarius makes this sign unnecessary aggressive and unpleasant. These are the general characteristics.

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