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If you're single:
Sharp-minded Mercury breaks free from the erratic influence of Aries and begins to absorb the logical earthiness of Taurus on May 3. When this happens, Aquarius, it will be much easier for you to clear your mind and approach romantic matters using sound reasoning instead of pure adrenaline and impulsiveness. 

The intuitive sextile of Venus and Neptune on May 7 in the sky helps you step into your subconscious and use your inner vision to steer your love life in a positive new direction. If what you have been doing lately has not brought lasting satisfaction, it is probably because you have blocked your inner voice.

 Your unusual ruling planet Uranus is involved in a harmonious sextile with confident Mars on May 29, which can bring you some very happy days (and nights) if you are open to it. Find someone (preferably born under an air sign) who is willing to go with the flow and be a pioneer with you.

For couples:
There are many logical answers to the drama unfolding in your love life as intelligent Mercury moves into practical Taurus on May 3, so there's no need to make a scene, Aquarius. While playing devil's advocate and arguing about things may be fun for you, now a much better plan would be to calm down. 

Your creativity and subconscious come to the surface during the Venus and Neptune sextile on the seventh, so don't hold back when it comes to that. Sharing your dreams, visions, and fantasies with your partner reveals a whole world of new possibilities. You are only limited by your imagination during this ethereal aspect. 

On May 29, exciting Mars makes a sextile with your eccentric ruling planet Uranus, giving you interesting ideas on how to expand and improve your relationship. Don't overthink things now. This aspect challenges you to do the first thing that comes to mind!