Aquarius Love Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope


Your ruler planet is Uranus. It is the planet of change, disruption, the unconventional and unexpected. Uranus is in Aries in April, meaning his changing influence will not be so strong.

You are also different from others - creative, and your character is a system of paradoxes.

Because of the symbolic picture, Aquarius is mistaken for a water sign. Aquarius is an air sign. You are a communicator, an idea person. People born under this sign live most intensely in their mind. This could be a problem in your relationships. You think that everything could be analyzed. And for everything, you have solutions in your brain. But not everything can be analyzed. To analyze sometimes means to become paralyzed.

You want to share yourself, but you are afraid of losing who you are. Also, you are afraid that the people you care won't feel the same way about you. In this way, you are losing your energy. Let all these questions go. Give up the need to know everything about everyone. And to give a name to a relationship and to the feelings of another person. Just be as you are - creative, warm and friendly, and let things happen.

Enjoy this Spring and watch it blossom. You also don't understand how the tree makes its small flowers. White and red. If you start to analyze this, you will lose ability to enjoy it.

You are often regarded as slightly eccentric. Some people are afraid of people like this. Let them go, you need people who will like your creativity and admire your uniqueness.

Also those around you become annoyed at your stubbornness. You have to think about that. Maybe you could lose someone precious by being too stubborn.

If you are not in a relationship in April, put yourself in relationship with Spring. You like to be alone, but you also like friends. So, grown with the plants and your relationship will grow from this.

Aquarius are among the kindest people in the world. Who wouldn't want to be close to you?

The Moon will be in your sign on the 13th and 14th of April. You will welcome him. You aren't afraid to meet your darker side. Your wish to explore is bigger than your fear. But these days it will not be enough to understand. Try to change. Especially your incorrigible stubbornness. The helping Moon will be around.