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If you're single:
Your emotional leader the Moon feels you need guidance at the beginning of the month, so it sends you a Full Moon in merciful Libra on May 5th to help you solve some of the tougher love problems you've been facing. This lunation reminds you that, while there's room for fighting, sometimes it's best to retreat. 

The sudden appearance of a beautiful New Moon in fiery Aries happens on the 19th, at the same time we experience a powerful Solar Eclipse. The excitement surrounding you will be incredible, Cancers, but you may be nervous due to the uncertainty. 

Try to embrace the spontaneity of each unique moment of these exceptional cosmic events! Experimentation can be fun during the sextile of Mars and Uranus on May 29th, so be open-minded. This is a great time to openly discuss things with a potential partner, without judgment or rejection.

For couples:
The Universe sends you a Full Moon in the open, unassuming sign of Libra on May 5th to help you deal with some difficult questions about your love life. Use the balanced energy of this lunar phase to maintain peace by making compromises whenever possible. 

Your beautiful leader, the Moon, enters a new phase in combination with fiery Aries in your career house on May 19th, so love may not be the only thing on your mind. However, this new phase coincides with a Solar Eclipse happening at the same time, so you'll have the opportunity to plant new romantic "seeds" that will grow into something positive in the future. 

On May 29th, the physical aspect of the sextile of Mars and Uranus brings you fun energy and encourages you to try something new in bed. Don't hesitate to bring up any "weird" request or suggestion, Cancers. If your partner isn't interested, all they have to say is "No".