Cancer Business Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Cancer Monthly Career Horoscope


Nice and peaceful period for Cancer in your professional work, as well. Job opportunities will increase in April. For you they might seem too difficult and maybe not worth putting an effort into them. But, don’t ignore them. Because some solutions present themselves best in critical situations.

There are no Planets in your sign this month. That means there won't be strong influences nor creative explosions. Just quiet new chances. Be careful when you're starting something new. Don’t count on the business success if it asks of you to step on other people heads. It won't succeed.

Since you're so emotional, this will have an impact on your job sphere, not only in love. You could be hurt easily. Try to be resistant because of that. It is not suggested that you put a shield on yourself, to stop being able to hear and feel. No, your feelings are the most noble trait of your soul. Just find some kind of defense. It will be enough.

If you are running your own business, be patient. It have to pass some more time before you can start picking up the fruits of what you have sown. Right now it seems that you did some projects and put an effort for naught. But, things will change suddenly.

You are Cancer, so your heart is a good leader most of the time. Don’t think that it's being irrational. Maybe it is, but remember that rational mind also makes mistakes.

During the Moon phase, while the Moon is passing through your sign, take care of yourself. Think about YOU, what you wish what you really want. On 24th and 25th of April, put all other peoples wishes aside. When you find a new vigor for yourself, it will also be good for the people you love.