Zodiac Signs and Precious Stones

Not only the gemstones were considered to be a symbol of power and wealth of the ruling class throughout the centuries, but there is a belief that certain stones have specific influence once they get in contact with the body (in rings, neck chain medallions, diadems, crowns, bracelets and clothes).


Ruby has an intensive red color and is knows as winning stone as well as the stone of happiness. It changes its color based on the mood of the person wearing it. Under the influence of the Mars, it belongs to the sign of Aries. It has the color of the blood, thus it was used against the bleeding, the tone of the heart and brain. It protects against toxins, anemia and bad moods. This is the stone of those in love, it flames up the passion and preserves love. If its color becomes darker, it warns its owner that some unfortunate event is about to happen. Once the danger is no longer present, ruby regains its usual color. When wearing ruby, it is important that the stone has a contact with the body: the ring should be made in that way so that it is in the direct contact with the person's finger.


Sapphire is stone of Venus, Jupiter and Aquarius which hides magical and spiritual power within itself. Person wearing it is able to reach unimaginable distances. It makes your heart simple and clean and it leads to meditation. Sapphire influences decent manners, fidelity in love and protects you from an anger of powerful people. It has a power to dissipate evil thoughts and it brings happiness to those who live pure and contemplative lives. It is a symbol of peace and harmony.


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The coral is a stone of Cancer, Taurus and Libra, influenced by Venus and the Moon. It lives in water (water is lunar symbol) and was born as the goddess of beauty, Venus, from the sea foam. The coral is primarily female stone. White coral denotes the night light, pink coral denotes Venus, and red one denotes Mars. According to the tradition, the red coral should be carried by men, while the bright one should be carried by women. It keeps evil spirts away, protects pregnant women and children. In pulverized condition it was used by doctors for cleaning teeth and gums. Red coral in contact with the body becomes brighter if a person who wears it gets sick. Coral ashes mixed with wine or water can be used as a sleeping remedy. The old recipe is as follows: mix coral dust with diamond dust and white dove blood; put the mixture in a fig tree; place a fig tree in a piece of white taffeta and place taffeta under the pillow - in this case, in their dream, the girls will see the person they will marry.


The stone of wisdom and secrets, which belongs to the Cancer, Sagittarius, Venus and Jupiter. Emerald is the queen of the occult powers of precious stones. It was used in medicine, magic and religious rituals. History: Emerald has fallen of Lucifer. It is the gemstone of rebellious angel; knows the power of hell and knows how to fight against it. Holy Grail was a vase carved from a gigantic Emerald. Tabula Smaragdina by Hermes Trismegistus is the oldest book on the change of minerals and metals. Some think that this stone belongs to Mercury. According to Cardanus, Emerald should be worn on a ring or a neck chain. If placed under the tongue, it shows the future. Albertus Magnus believes that it increases the wealth, provides intelligence and a good memory. It keeps away evil spirits and snakes are blinded by its light. Aristotle wrote that it prevents hair loss and protects against epilepsy. It works as an aphrodisiac, enhances fertility and helps during the childbirth. Antique belief: the Emerald is broken when a girl loses her virginity.


The stone of the Pisces which brings happiness to other signs as well. Bacchus fell in love with the beautiful mermaid Amethyste, but she begged Diana for salvation. Her wish was fulfilled. When Bacchus tried to catch her she turned into a gem. Bacchus gave her the color of red wine and power to detect drunk people, especially if worn in the navel. Amethyst blocks magic, keeps away the bad thoughts, calms hysteric crisis. If rubbed against forehead, Amethyst it will relief the headache. Pliny claims that this stone protects against the evil eye, especially if it has engraved shape of the Soon or the Moon, and is carried on a neck chain with feathers of swallows or peacock. If placed under the pillow, it can improve your memory and protect you from the evil.


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This stone belongs to Leo. Magnetic powers of Amber were discovered by the Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus, 600 years BC. If you rub amber against something you will create a magnetic field that attracts things. Sometimes, Amber was used in order to protect against heart diseases and sexual impotence. It has been discovered in the tombs of the pharaohs as a talisman. In addition to occult powers, it also has therapeutic features. For that reason, people in Orient make pipes and cigar spikes from Amber. Amber necklaces protect from the evil eye, deafness, goiter, digestive disorders and erysipelas.


This is the stone of Capricorn and Saturn, which has a bad reputation. It causes disharmony, worries, fear and miscarriages. Albertus Magnus said: "If you want to call for the sorrow, fear, nightmares, worries, quarrels, take black onyx, hang it around your neck, or put it on your finger.' Some think that it might be useful for those suffering from epilepsy.