Pisces Love Horoscope


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Dear Pisces, your planet ruler is Neptune. And Neptune is in your sign during this April. So there will be a big influence of this Planet on your life.

Neptune is the ancient god of the sea. In astrology, Neptune is the planet of illusion, mystery and deception.

Your symbol is two fishes tied to one another and swimming in opposite direction. Hidden depths, conflicting desires...

You have tender sympathy for anyone who is hurting. Sick plants, or animals, and also people. It is great a quality, but a dangerous zone. Especially for women Pisces.

You could be easily drawn into unpredictable situations and to unbalanced people. Through your big bundle of feelings and your ability to absorb emotions from others, you could be caught in a trap of helping. Yes, I know, you can see deeply into the human psyche. And see that all of us are nice and noble inside. But, when somebody has problems with himself or herself and others, you are not there to solve it. Nor to save anybody. The person's task is to pass through it. Neptune could put into your heart the illusion of saving and sacrifice.

You are loyal, unselfish and generous. You are not concerned with what others see on the surface. In some way, you are an old soul.

But, you have to admire your fears. And confront them. Because they will drive you into illusions and exploitation from other people. Your perfect intuition will not work under your fears.

In your relationships, your main concern will be about your partner. Is she, or he, a person who loves you as you are, or someone to whom she or he could do what they want? From your side you need to explore your fears. Are you in the relationship because you are very afraid of something? Your fears and the false faces of others are connected. For anyone to be cheated, his own fears are necessary.

This also goes for Pisces who are alone. When you choose your partner don't make another mistake. You already suffered. Be aware of Neptune's influence. He is very skilled in creating illusions.

You have an extraordinary power. You intuition. Listen its first sing, to its silent whisper. Your intuition is never wrong.

The Moon will help against Neptune’s games - coming into your sign on the 15th and 16th of April. Your intuition will become even stronger. Your eyes will be open. Let go of all your views of another's soul and concentrate on yours. It deserves to rest on the shoulder of the right person.