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If you're single:

On May 5th, you'll feel a sense of calm as the Full Moon in harmony-seeking Libra lights up the sky, helping you bring peace into your love life. During this lunation, Ribe, there's no room for ill-will, anger, or jealousy, making it an ideal time to forgive someone or ask for forgiveness yourself. 

With romantic Venus sextile your receptive ruler Neptune on the 7th, your imagination is limitless, which can help you seduce your crush. Your actions and intentions are genuine and not at all superficial. All you want is for them to feel loved and desired in the most creative way possible. 

On May 19th, the Full Moon and Solar Eclipse in fiery Aries disrupt the peace in your love life, bringing unwanted aggression or harassment. If you don't stand up for yourself during this lunation, it will be easy for someone to manipulate you. Being vulnerable and an easy target is the last thing you want when someone or something threatens you.

For couples:

On May 5th, you can truly enjoy the gentle vibrations of the Full Moon in Libra, as it brings you peace and helps you avoid petty arguments and fights. Nothing is worth destroying the positive relationship you currently have with your partner, Ribe. On the 7th, Venus in love and Neptune in imagination form a sextile, encouraging you to explore art in all its forms. 

Attending drawing or pottery classes could be a fun date for you and your partner, as you laugh together, enjoy a glass of wine, and let your creativity flow. The Full Moon in fiery Aries on May 19th, followed by a Solar Eclipse, could temporarily throw you off balance. 

You don't like being on shaky ground, but you're not sure how to stand your ground during this cosmic period full of surprises. Try not to make sudden moves until you feel more stable. Lean on your partner for support if you need it.