What do horoscope signs dream: Who has prophetic dreams and who has nightmares...

Dream represents an altered state of consciousness in which conscious and unconscious parts of personality intertwine and

a process in which the deepest and true SELF arises. According to the characteristics, fears, and desires of each horoscope sign, it is possible to determine the theme and meaning of dreams.


Aries - I am


Because of their ruler, the male warrior Mars, Aries is interested in topics such as affirmation, primacy, and battle to preserve personal interests.


Dream themes: Their nature is reflected in dreams concerning fights, controversies, power, and authority. Conflict in the family or in the surroundings can be a cause of restless dreams. Aries’ ego in a dream accepts all the challenges and looks at other participants as rivals. On the whole, they have Mars's male character composed of movement, activity, and fight.


Symbols: Aries, horses, horsemen, sharp objects, traps, towers, weapons, etc.


Taurus - I have


Stable and practical Taurus work best within their routine. They are sensitive to financial issues and have a firm attitude on how to deal with money.


Dream themes: The most common topic is the conflict between old and new and stability and insecurity. It also shows the symmetry and harmony reflected for example in similar objects or people that resemble one another, items arranged in order and according to the rule, etc.


Symbols: Similar things, such as two glasses, four buildings, etc.; trees, stones and everything that is connected to nature and earth; money, safe boxes, chains, walls, etc.​


Gemini - I think


Since the Gemini are prone to learning and constantly search for new knowledge, their dreams are related to constant search, but also to encounters with people who need to convey an important message.


Dream themes: They are related to flexibility, intelligence, and fairness that features Gemini. Ruler Hermes (Mercury), as the messenger of the Gods, conveys important knowledge through dreams. The main topic concerns sociability and communication with people.


 Symbols: Two brothers or sisters, wind, winged creatures, orchids, etc.


Cancer - I feel​


Cancer is guided by strong feelings that dominate his being, intuitive; they are creative and sensitive. His dreams are therefore associated with strong feelings of care, protection, and disappointment.​


Dream themes: They are very dramatic regardless of the subject because they are filled with strong emotional changes. They talk about the difference between the essence of things and their surface looks. Most often in dreams, they see water and its spaciousness, and dream refers to unconscious SELF and the emotional world.


Symbols: Moon, crabs, bears, dolphins, sea, lakes, rivers, babies, mirrors, etc.


Leo - I want


Of all the signs, Leo has the greatest ego, always wants to be at the center of attention, dominate over others, and be the first in everything. What they are most afraid of is being mocked and underestimated by others.


Dream themes: Dreams in which they play a major role in which they are admired and obeyed. Topics are related to sovereignty and power in both positive and negative sense. Because of their ruler, the Sun, they occur during the day, mostly in summer.


Symbols: Sun, king, lion, theater, sticks, prison, etc.

WHAT DO HOROSCOPE SIGNS DREAM: Who has prophetic dreams and who has nightmares...

Virgo – I analyze


Virgos needs perfection and therefore are often dissatisfied with what they have. They are methodical and good organizers that analyze everything to the smallest detail. They also need to help others, especially the sick and the poor.


Dream themes: Dreams in which others seek help, and find it in Virgo; then the search for buried treasure with the analysis and interpretation of the map. There is also often the theme of purity and beauty with a realistic picture of facts.


Symbols: Jewelry, white wardrobe, palm, zebra, owl, traffic junction, etc.


Libra - I balance


Libra’s dreams are brought into connection with their interests and key things for their personality; and these are harmony, socializing and marriage, aesthetics, art, justice, and diplomacy.


Dream themes: Most often dreams refer to their intimate relationships and marriage. Since they don’t like disagreements and conflicts, Libras in dreams try to solve problems and establish harmonious relationships.


Symbols: Symmetrical objects, cross, encounters with strangers and people who have suffered injustice, etc.​


Scorpio - I yearn


Pluto and Mars as rulers give Scorpio an interest in occult, regeneration, death, and sexuality. Mysterious and vindictive, they see dreams rich in symbolism, often powerful and frightening, which relate to the past.


Dream themes: Scorpio will wake up and usually won’t remember the dream, but will have the feeling that what they saw in the dream was of great importance. They will often, because of their sexual charge, the dream of violent actions in which a special place is occupied by people who have done something wrong to them in the past. Due to the influence of Pluto, their dreams have a special mysterious atmosphere full of riddles and secrets coming from their deepest parts of the personality.


Symbols: Scorpio, stairs, black pearls, sickles, black rider, insects, palm trees, etc.


Sagittarius - I watch


The Sagittarius have a positive view of the world, love travel, adventure and everything new. Happiness follows them through life, and they have the least share of bad dreams out of all the horoscope signs.


Dream themes: Dreams of the Sagittarius are characterized by diversity, unusual and numerous scenes and views. They often see themselves flying over vast areas wanting to escape the limits and expand their horizons; watching the world as a source of beauty, but also of the secrets to be explored.


Symbols: Bow, arrow, seagull, flying high, trumpet, sunflower, etc.


Capricorn - I use


Persistent, stable and ambitious Capricorn is interested in the practical side of life. Economic themes are a very important segment for them. They are always ready to compromise in order to get the best solution.


Dream themes: First of all, Capricorn needs stability and does not like anything that comes out of such frames. In dreams he sees churches, big buildings, cultivated fields and in any case organization and symmetry; often trains, as means of transport which has the tracks to determine the path, which, as such, can’t function without them.


Symbols: Big trains, ships, goats, anchors, crystals, etc.


Aquarius – I learn


Aquarius is an innovative sign, always ahead of its time, and that’s a fact that sometimes contributes, and sometimes against works against them. As the main protestant and rebel of the horoscope, in dreams he finds inspiration for new ideas, but also consolation and escape from routine and everyday life.


Dream themes: In dreams, they often play the role of a knight who helps the powerless and consoles the wounded. Also, while they dream they often fly in the role of an explorer who needs to discover something new and original. But Aquarius are also able to dream convincingly, with open eyes and consciously.


Symbols: Flight, knight, rescuer, star, torch, coward, priest, etc.


Pisces - I believe


As the most sensitive and most emotional sign, Pisces know what it means to suffer, but also what it means to give love and compassion. Their vivid imagination creates many dreams, which are often filled with suffering and pain. But on the other hand, they provide them with escape from reality, because in their dreams they have many desires fulfilled.


Dream themes: They are usually completely unrealistic and relate to spiritual, ideal world, possible only in dreams. Emotional hypersensitivity and pronounced intuition make their dreams also have an occult character. More than all other signs, their dreams are psychic, they warn and predict events, and therefore Pisces should never ignore them.


Symbols: Water in all shapes, fish, turtles, caves, abyss, bays, etc.