Essential oil for horoscope signs: Eucalyptus is for Taurus, jasmine is for Scorpio

Virgo often has indigestion problems, Gemini back pain. Which essential oil may best relieve the ailments of your sign?


As the first sign of horoscope, Aries are ambitious and passionate leaders of great competitive spirit. Because of their realistic view of the world, they are ruled by eyes, brain and head, which is why they are prone to headaches.

The essential oil of mint soothes and relaxes this tense sign and frees the body from the stress. 


The Taurus are very reliable and loyal friends who care about loyalty in friendship and family a lot. These stable and practical people are ruled by neck and throat which is why these are precisely the areas that usually suffer.

Essential oil of eucalyptus has a positive effect on these parts of the body; it relaxes the muscles and airways.


Members of this sign are very communicative and have a solution for all problems. Main parts of the body of this funny and sensitive sign are shoulders, arms and lungs, so they often have respiratory problems and pain in the shoulder and back muscles.

The essential oil of bergamot is antibacterial and it is a solution for this sign full of life.



This gentle, caring, but also unpredictable sign is a person of trust. Since they are ruled by their feelings, the main part of their body is stomach and chest, and they often have problems with indigestion, heartburn and water retention.

Chamomile essential oil soothes the stomach and reduces inflammations, and is the right choice for this sign.


Mighty Leos are dominant, but also very fun and creative. This sign has a lot of confidence, but apart from faith in themselves, they expect loyalty from others. Therefore, their body is ruled by the back and heart, where the problems usually occur.

Rose essential oil in addition to its calming effects, affects the blood system and increases circulation.

Essential oil for horoscope signs: Eucalyptus is for Taurus, jasmine is for Scorpio


Virgos are very intelligent people who solve all tasks practically. Even though they are very hard working and well organized, their responsibility is the characteristic that brings them the most benefit. The main part of their body are sinuses which are why they are prone to allergies and colds, but also intestines so that  this sign could have problems with anxiety and constipation.

The essential oil of frankincense will ease digestive ailments, and it will also make it easier to breathe.


This very compassionate sign is characterized by a great charisma. Because of their usually friendly approach, Libras act as true diplomats. Therefore, their body is ruled by the kidneys, lower back and ovaries, so this sign is usually subjected to inflammations and pain in the back, and also a stone in the kidney.

When choosing essential oil, geranium is a real hit, though this oil works against stress and inflammation, it also balances the hormones.


Scorpios are very intuitive and a bit mysterious people. However, this sign is the most decisive in the whole zodiac, and can be a very loyal friend. Main organs of their bodies are reproductive organs and mucosa, which may arise genital problems, high temperatures and numerous infections.

The essential oil of jasmine acts very anti-bacterial, and can help this sign deal with PMS and menopause.



This adventurous sign is very independent but also fun. Sagittarius are very communicative and intelligent, and their entertaining skills make them people with whom it is never boring to be with. However, with this sign problems may occur with liver, hips and thighs, and they can get sciatica. Also, this sign can often be too exposed to stress.

Tea tree essential oil can protect this sign from infections and viruses, and it is excellent in the treatment of skin diseases.


Capricorn is the most ambitious sign. However, they are very faithful and loyal friends who will always make you smile and cheer you up. Their practical nature always leads to success. This witty sign is ruled by bones, joints, skin and teeth, which is why they can often have problems with arthritis, weak bones, and various skin irritations.

Sandalwood essential oil heals skin diseases and soothes the pain.


Aquarians are very independent people. Their creativity and originality encourage and entices people around them. The greatest attention when it comes to their bodies should be paid to ankles, shins and blood system, so with this sign we can often find varicose veins, poor circulation, and sprains and cramps.

Neroli, an essential oil that is produced from bitter orange blossom positively affects circulation and veins, and it also eliminates stress and reduces depression.


Pisces are very emotional and gentle. This sign possesses expressed intuition and a very good sense for art where their imagination comes to the fore. Pisces often have problems with the composition of the lymph, liver and feet, and can suffer from painful feet, blisters, bunions and acne.

Essential oil of cedar positively effects burns accelerates metabolism and prevents water retention so that it can be a great choice for this sign.