The way to happiness: Aries need to establish priorities, Scorpio need to trust their intuition

To live according to your nature and character is the key to happiness and stability.

Find out which of these practical advises you can use to improve the quality of your life!



1. Every morning, take 20 minutes for yourself- to have coffee, shower or listen to music- you need that.

2. No matter what others say, if you want something, do your best to get it, because you will not give up before you either succeed or fail.

3. Establish your priorities and spend more time with people who deserve it. Stop wasting your time in relationships that lead nowhere.

4. Every day you should take a walk, ride a bicycle or something like that- you need to move. Otherwise you'll be tired.

5. Don't be ashamed of your fixations, accept them and you'll be less nervous.



1. Be confident in yourself and your opinions, even if you're disappointed. Self-doubt leads you to depression.

2. Don't miss an opportunity to indulge yourself, but you have to distinguish between time for enjoyment and time for work.

3. Practice empathy; imagine yourself in other people's shoes to understand the better.

4. Learn that excessive pride can be your enemy, especially if it drives you from the people you care about.

5. Be a good friend, those relations are one of the most valuable things in your life.



1. Read and learn that keeps you mind working and satisfies your curiosity. Don't become lazy.

2. Nurture your hobbies, even if you don't have much time. You become depressed without fun.

3. Live with you partner for, at least, a year before you get married.

4. Look for a stable friend who can 'slows you down' with his advices.

5. Do not satisfy with a job that you find no interest in. Go on to further education and try to find what

you like.



1. You should gossip less, and also avoid people who gossip because you are prone to negative emotions and thoughts.

2. Do not miss the opportunity to socialize with your friends and family- that is the energy that keeps you going.

3. At work, set your priorities, don't allow yourself to spend one whole day working, and other lazing around- you need a routine.

4. You should have more confidence in dealing with people.

5. Cook and enjoy delicious food, gastronomy is your passion.



1. Don't apologize for wanting attention, love or good treatment, find people who can provide that for you.

2. Don't conceal your frustrations, hay will come out anyway, and you will appear immature. Be direct and honest.

3. Do not accept a minor position on work; you will not be happy unless you're responsible for something.

4. Relax- through sport, art, dance, music.

5. Socialize and try to live an active life with different people.

The way to happiness: Aries need to establish priorities, Scorpio need to trust their intuition


1. Be helpful to people around you- that way you’ll practice empathy and fill better.

2. Accept yourself as you are, do not justify yourself to anyone, socialize with those who share your views on life.

3. At work, do not take everything seriously, gain experience and go for something new if you are not satisfied.

4. Do not be afraid to stop a bad relationship, you are stronger than you think.

5. Get yourself a pet; they are a great consolation for you.



1. Decorate your home, office, car- your environment has a great influence on your mood.

2.  Learn how to say 'NO' and to refuse people who deserve it, do not feel uncomfortable.

3.  Do not seclude yourself; you need people just like plants need the sun.

4. Control your possessiveness and jealousy; they make you bitter and a bit crazy.

5. Let your occupation be something you live- that way you will go far.



1. Be faithful to your wishes and yourself. Don't do what others say, if you are too flexible, that could be a trigger for anger and depression.

2. Be open to others and instead of just listening, share your thoughts with them.

3. Trust your intuition, it is right in most cases, whatever it looked like in the beginning.

4. Don't be afraid of negative emotions- they have their purpose.

5. Eat healthily and avoid vices they are your weak point.



1. Speak openly, sincerely and freely- people respect you for that.

2. Have faith in yourself and try new things, your preferences change throughout your life.

3. It is important for you to be active- you could workout, ride a bike or just walk.

4. Pay less attention to material goods; do not collect things that you do not need.

5. In love, do not accept less- rather be alone, because love will come when you least expect.



1. In every job and task, you do your best, the results will make you truly satisfied.

2. Build your character and tempt it- give up on cigarettes, unhealthy food, and exercise.

3. Don’t fear to be alone; practice spending time on your own.

4. Practice spontaneity without planning, let yourself enjoy in everything you like.

5. Help others without thinking; that makes you a better person.



1. Take care of your finances, make a plan you will stick to and open savings account- that way you learn the responsible approach to money.

2. Do not change friends very often and respect people who love you; the excitement of making new friends can blur your perspective.

3. You need more intense physical activity- running or something that can exhaust you completely.

4. Don't run away from problems- that is your biggest mistake.

5. Beware of people who encourage you to live an unhealthy life.



1. Be open to new experiences- from traveling to relationships and business offers.

2. Listen to others and offer your advice; they are truly valuable, and you will be respected for that.

3. Do not try to please others much, especially your partner, since you can lose your influence.

4. Be hard-working, set yourself goals you have to reach.

5. In stressful situations, do not run away- face the problem instead.