TEST: Are you guided by your HEART or REASON?

Reactions in certain situations tell a lot about your personality and about how open you are to expressing emotions.

How open are you in expressing emotions? Do you explode easily in critical situations? You will find out what your reactions say about you, if you answer honestly the following questions...

1) Are you embarrassed when you cry in public?

2) Do you think that tears are the sign of weakness?

3) Do you think that boys and men shouldn't cry?

4) Do you cry while you're reading a sad story or watching a melodrama?

5) Do you respect politicians who publicly show their emotions?

6) Do you think that tears are unnecessary or redundant in expressing emotions?

7) When you are in a bad mood, do you show it to people around you?

8) If you see a grown up man crying, do you feel uncomfortable?

9) Are you surprised by people who don't notice other people's tears or suffering?

10) Do you try to hide your anger at any cost?

11) When you experience something unpleasant, do you think about your guilt, that maybe you could have reacted differently?

12) Have you ever had problems because of your 'explosive' character?

13) Do you think it is better and more honest if you show that you are angry?

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14) Do you let others console you when you're sad and when you cry?

15) Do you easily lose your temper?

16) Does it feel good to you when others display their affection with kisses?

17) Do you touch or hug those you love every day?

18) Do you have the habit of talking to your loved ones about feelings?

19) Do you like massages?

20) Do you laugh out loud while watching a 'hilarious comedy'?

21) Have you had or do you have a pet to whom you are very attached?

22) When you are listening to music, do you tap feet in the rhythm of music?

23) Do you applaud and yell at concerts or during matches?

24) Can you remember the last time you had fun and laughed out loud?

TEST: Are you guided by your HEART or REASON?

A negative response to first ten questions carries one point, and positive zero. With other questions you score one point for YES, and zero for NO.

More than 20 points – RELAXED

You are who you are

You have a healthy and positive attitude towards expressing emotions. You never hide your feelings and you aren't embarrassed when you, either because of happiness or sadness, shed a tear. You are who you are, you want people to accept you with all faults and virtues. You never pretend. You can get hurt because of this openness, but you are still followed through life by true love and friendships.


From 10 to 20 points - DIPLOMAT 

You depend on others

You are not one those who hide and deny emotions, but you always follow the rules of decency and act as the situation requires. It would be good to relax a bit and act in accordance with your mood, instead of paying so much attention to those around you. Not everyone has to love you, so try to realize who really suits you from the people that surround you. And don't forget, tears and laughter are the remedies for the soul.

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Less than 10 points - RESTRAINED

You're hiding emotions

You always hide your mood and emotions, most often you pretend that everything is fine when it is not. You don't do it on purpose, but by hiding your feelings you subconsciously protect yourself from the pain and malicious people. However, that way you can chase away those who love you, because they will think that you don't care about them. If you can find the strength to unlock your heart and learn to express your feelings, it will be so much easier for you and you 'll be healthier.


TEST: Are you guided by your HEART or REASON?