Leo Business Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Leo Monthly Career Horoscope


Jupiter, big good Planet of luck and joy, will be having an impact on your job, too. Jupiter signifies knowledge, higher learning, breadth of vision. It is the a broad view of the higher mind.

Whether you work for somebody else, big company, or your own business, Jupiter will help you to see deeper. It also represents law and justice, philosophy, religion, metaphysics and education. It means that you will discover sense in your job which you haven't been able to see earlier. So, and because of that, you will start to act different and solve your problems easier.

If your job is connected with philosophy, education or religion, April could really bring extraordinary success in your professional work. You will be positively surprised with sudden better understanding and some kind of a new view.

Don’t be afraid of all this new circumstances. Enjoy them, play with them, and your professional work will grow and flourish.

If you need to finish something, finish it. If you have to forgive, forgive. This old stuff will stop you from entering something new. Don’t count precisely if you win or lose in something which doesn't exist anymore. Let it go. It's not important any more.

If you have something new to learn, and you can always learn something new, start doing it this April. Some new skills for your job. Or something in your house. Start learning another language, to cook, or go to an Excel course. Every beginning is hard, so use strength of Jupiter to help you. After that all will be easier…

Jupiter is a sentence: I grow. This will not be a period for collecting money. This could be a period to grow, and then to harvest.

During the visiting of the Moon, you can ask yourself: “In what I would like to grow?” and don't say to yourself: “No, I can’t do that.”

Of course you can!