HOROSCOPE AND CHEATING: Gemini cheats with their heart, Aquarius does it with experience!

Even though there is no general rule to whether a certain sign is going to cheat or be faithful, there are signs which are

 more prone to affairs due to their adventurous nature or desire for excitement. Pisces, Cancer, and Capricorn are among the most faithful Zodiac signs while Sagittarius and Libra find it hard to resist the temptation.  

Aries is the slave to passion

If Aries gets engaged in an affair, people around him will quickly find out about it because it is hard for him to keep quiet about his love life. Passion is his driving force, and due to his temperament and recklessness, it is possible for him to leave their permanent partner because they fell in love. The most common reason for engaging in cheating is a search for the excitement that is missing in their relationship, and if they get caught cheating they will try to blame the other side that seduced them.

Taurus loves the thrill but he's afraid of cheating

Members of this sign are great lovers and in steady relationships they are usually faithful. If their partner satisfies them emotionally and sexually, they won't jeopardize their relationship by cheating. They are also very loyal, and they expect the same from their partner. The most common reason to cheat for Taurus is a lack of physical intimacy with their partner.

Gemini cheats emotionally, not physically

The restless spirit of Gemini makes them enter flirts despite having a serious relationship. Still, they won't go further than that and it will only stay on compliments and verbal outwitting by texting or social networks. It won't happen if their partner still represents a challenge for them, and if they do cheat, it means their relationship is definitely over and they move on. 


Cancer cheats if he is unhappy

Sensitive and empathetic Cancer is faithful in love, primarily because they obey the saying  "Don’t do the others what you don’t want to be done to you.’ If they receive enough love and tenderness at home, Cancer is completely immune to cheating. Their partners know this very well but must not take them for granted, because the only Cancer that is cheating is the one who feels unloved and unhappy.

Leo loves thrill and attention 

Drama and excitement are Leo's favorite ingredient of interpersonal relationships. An additional factor that puts them in the group of signs who cheat the most is their constant need to be the center of attention. If you want to be sure that your Leo is only yours, don't forget to compliment him, but also play the hot-cold game from time to time, just to keep him interested. They usually cheat with a person much younger than themselves, because they are drawn to youthful energy.  

HOROSCOPE AND CHEATING: Gemini cheats with their heart, Sagittarius is the biggest cheater, Aquarius does it with experience!

Virgo cheats if she wants out of relationship

Virgo is a serious member of Zodiac, down to earth and usually loyal to partner. When they are happy and satisfied with their relationship they won’t think of the "forbidden fruit", but cheating becomes a normal thing for them if they feel that their partner does not respect them enough or doesn’t give them everything they need. Then the affair is a weapon that will help them get out of the relationship less painfully and imagine their life with somebody else.

Libra talks a lot and doesn't do much

Righteous and honest members of this sign take all their obligations seriously, including the ones towards partner and are basically faithful. However, they are fans of the new company, compliments and flirting which often leads them to unusual situations. The most important thing is that Libra’s partner is also her friend that she can rely on because then she will be the least tempted to cheat.

Scorpio is looking for new thrills in sex

Dark, mysterious and erotic Scorpio is often associated with cheating, but it usually isn’t true. If they are really in love, they won’t even think of it. What may happen is that they can get bored with the routine in a relationship, especially in love, so they will have one night stands which they will never admit to their partner. The antidote for cheating is introducing novelties into the bedroom, but also making him jealous occasionally.


Sagittarius loves the forbidden fruit

Open-minded, adventurous and eager for adventure, Sagittarius is prone to cheating. They can be in long and serious relationships, but they won’t see cheating as something dramatic. They will even lie to themselves that it didn’t happen. For them there’s the rule that opportunity makes a thief, so it’s best to spend as much time possible having fun with their partner, preferably in fun activities such as sports. Also, they will forgive cheating much easier than the other signs. 

Capricorn is a pillar of loyalty

Members of this sign are among the most faithful in the Zodiac, primarily because they don’t see cheating as something physical, but as a spiritual betrayal. They can be fascinated by someone’s intellectual side, but nothing more than flirting will happen. And if cheating does happen, they do it the same way as Virgo does- the affair is an escape from the relationship. As much loyalty they offer, that’s how much they want in return, so they never forgive cheating.

Aquarius makes up the rules of cheating

Members of this sign often claim that they never cheat, but the truth is that their definition of cheating is much more tolerant than with other people. Since routine is getting on their nerves, they will usually cheat with someone who is different from their partner, and they will explain to themselves that it was inevitable so that they won’t feel bad. Aquarius won’t cheat only if they are really in love and they know that their partner won’t forgive them.

Pisces are the main actors in their fantasies

Members of this sign live in a world of fantasy, and the romantic and passionate scenario is always going on in their head. If their relationship becomes boring and predictable, then they will begin to fantasize about a colleague or someone else from their surrounding. Although they know to stop in time, the question is whether they will fall in or not. Pisces’ partners should try to keep the passion in a relationship alive because then they won’t even think of it.


HOROSCOPE AND CHEATING: Gemini cheats with their heart, Sagittarius is the biggest cheater, Aquarius does it with experience!