Taurus Business Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Taurus Monthly Career Horoscope


Venus, your constant companion who is in your sign until 16th of April, could increase your attitude towards money, personal possessions, comforts, and social and aesthetic values. You love money and comfort. Also, she can give you creativity, ideas to change your job and courage to start something new.

Mars who is in your sign for the whole of April, is a great companion for business. Mars is a Planet of energy and action. You, are sign with a high level of energy as well. What you thought impossible, will become possible. What you thought too difficult, you will see it is not. Mars, Venus along with spring bring the time to act. To start. And to be brave.

Mars brings out your ability to turn ideas into action.

But, be aware because Mars has another side. He will drive you to fight with people about things you don't need to fight at all. Possibly even that people you fight with won't even know why are you arguing with them. Don’t waste this great period of ideas and great energy of action on that.

In the second half of the month when Venus leaves your sign in the sky, the Sun will come. That is an opportune time of the year for Taurus since Sun, as you know, is the most powerful Planet in astrology. So, this will add a new level of energy.

During this April, awake the sources in yourself. Finish old projects. Give up the things you don’t want. Clear of your relations with your colleagues and business partners. If you are not satisfied, search for something else. If it feels good where you are, then put all your energy into it.

If you struggle with dilemmas and don’t exactly know what to do or what you wish, ask yourself during the nights 19th and 20th of April. In that time the Moon will be of help. To better understand yourself and make first step towards something new, Moon will be the compass and show in what direction you need to go. Together with your heart.