ARIES - Red color; spinach; currant facial mask

Aries symbolizes the head: eyes, nose, face, teeth, facial muscles and pituitary. The red color can be found in radishes, beetroot, red cabbage, spinach, cherries, red plums, sour cherries, currant, lithium, potassium, zinc. The red color revitalizes because it contains iron therefore it is recommended by the doctors in case of anemia. The blue color reduces excessive tension (plum, blue grapes). Therefore, Arieses should wear red and blue clothes. For the facial rejuvenation: currant facial mask (it can be easily prepared at home).

Taurus - Blue color; grapes, blackberries; fruit masks

Taurus symbolizes the throat, vocal cords, mouth, thyroid gland, tonsils, windpipe. The blue color can be found in blue plums, dark cherries, berries, blackberries, dark grapes. Metals: nickel, steel, zinc, copper, aluminum. Exposure to blue light stimulates increased production of hormones. Taurus Women should use blue eye shadows and facial masks based on fruit. Massages with camphor-based oil or cream are revitalizing for Taurus Man, especially if cream or oil were exposed to the blue light for 15 minutes.

GEMINI - Indigo color; eggplant; copper; plenty of resting

Gemini sign symbolizes shoulders, arms, lungs, airways, capillary circulation and oxygen blood levels. Gemini will feel wonderful if they can expose their lungs and back daily for 10 minutes to indigo color light, from the distance of 3-4 cm. Such exposure to indigo light is good for lung diseases, bronchi and asthma. How to make a light of the indigo color? If you are not able to purchase a special light bulb of this color you can paint your existing light bulb into indigo color. Metals containing indigo color: chromium, copper, strontium, titanium. Copper bracelet and necklace provide balanced oscillations and creative impulses. Indigo color in food: eggplant, grapes, blackberries, berries, dark cherries. Lounge as well as the lightening in your living space should be of indigo color.

CANCER- Yellow pepper; silver; Moon

This sign symbolizes belly, stomach, torso and breasts. Emotional situations cause problems with stomach acid, pain, skin diseases and obesity. Metals: barium, calcium, chrome, cobalt, magnesium. Vegetables and fruits of yellow color: yellow peppers, yellow seeds, potatoes, bananas, pumpkin, pineapple, lemon, grapefruit and pear. The skin should be nourished with the sweet almond oil applied through massage. Women are recommended to wear waist necklace, with a silver pendant in the shape of the moon.

LEO – Green color; kale; chicory

Heart (heart rate and palpitations), intercostal pain are featured in Leo. Green is the color of life and balance and chlorophyll prevents arteriosclerosis. Metals containing green color are aluminum, nickel, cobalt, titanium. Persons born in the sign of Leo should eat plenty of green vegetables. Women are advised to use green eye shadows and clothing should be predominantly in emerald green and forest-like colors.

VIRGO – Light green and other soft colors and lots of vegetables

This is emotional and nervous Zodiac sign which is reflected through intestine, stomach, liver, gastritis, allergies, and nerves in the form of various neuroses. Persons born in Virgo sign should wear green, ocher and light green colors. You should place the yellow light 4-5 cm from liver and warm that part of the body for 15 minutes. It is advisable to drink one glass of water during the meal which has been previously exposed to green light for 30 minutes. Metals and food described above for Leo are applicable to the Virgo. Your living space should have white, light green, light blue, gray, yellow, pink and light tones of purple color.

LIBRA – Orange color; carrots; copper and coral

This is the sign of urinary and genital tract, kidneys, kidney stones and endocrine glands. Orange in all its forms has a positive effect on the Libras: mango, Japanese quince, tangerines, Indian fig, yellow peach, apricot, cantaloupe, carrots, apples. Chemical elements: selenium, iron, rubidium, magnesium. You should wear all shades of orange. Additionally, your living space should contain purple color, flowers and lights in these tones. Libras are recommended to wear a jewelry made of copper and coral.

SCORPIO – Red and orange colors

Favorable colors: red, orange, yellow and blue. Chemical elements: lead, cobalt, zinc, chloroform. Fruits and vegetables: grapes, blackberries, plums, eggplant, berries, as well as fruits and veggies that are recommended for the Cancer. A lounge used for relaxation in your living space should contain below mentioned colors. It is useful to expose the lower part of the spine to the bright yellow light for 10 minutes every day, at a distance of 3 cm. In order to maintain the function of genital organs the same procedure should be followed using the red light. Showering and bathing helps exchange of particles, In case you have a screen door in your living space, one side should be painted in blue and the other in orange.

SAGITTARIUS – Purple color; lots of fruits and vegetables; a glass of water

Problems with hips, thighs, obesity and nerves vulnerability are the downside of this sign. The recommended color for this sign is purple. Purple can be found in: eggplant, beets, berries, dark grapes. Metals: iron, barium, cesium, aluminum. Persons born in this sign should wear the clothing of a purple, blue and yellow color. During the meal, it is useful to have a glass of water which has been chromatized using the purple color light bulb for 30 minutes.

CAPRICORN – Red and blue colors

The bones, joints, knees, teeth, nerves and skin are under this sign. Bone deformities caused by arthritis and fractures are characteristic for Capricorns. Blue and red colors are healing. They can be found in lithium, potash, zinc, radishes, beets, spinach, red plums. It is useful to have as many red lights in the living environment as possible. Capricorns have a dry skin and bad blood circulation. In depth massages using the red color crèmes can reduce these problems.

AQUARIUS – Green color, all vegetables; an Emerald

Feet, ankles, leg veins, vascular diseases, broken bones, heart palpitations, blood circulation and cramps feature the sign of Aquarius. Emerald green color calms down the nerves, stimulates circulation and brain function. Copper, nickel and chromium should be used as parts of furniture and living space structure. Food: vegetables and fruits of all kinds (not including the sour). Soda and sea salt are useful. Emerald ring or necklace intercepts the most sensitive nerve impulses thus providing the balanced mood, which improves relations with other people. The green color should be dominant in your living space oasis.

PISCES – Indigo color; fresh and cooked vegetables; blue skin fruits

Foot problems, insufficient feet blood circulation, anemia, intestinal disorders and accumulation of water in the body represent the main problems for those born under the sign of Pisces. The weak point is also their use and abuse of drugs, nicotine and alcohol. Pisces are recommended to consume vegetables and fruits containing indigo color, cooked or fresh, such as: blackberries, eggplant, plums, grapes, etc. Metals containing indigo colors are titanium, copper, chromium, iron. Clothing should be based on the red and blue color. Pisces Woman can use both light and intensive makeup, but they should keep it shaded and nuanced.