HOROSCOPE AND LIFE BALANCE: Virgo should learn to forgive, Cancer to set the boundaries and Capricorn to understand that happiness is a choice

According to astrology, satisfaction and peace of mind can be found by characteristics of your personality.

For thousands of years man has sought guidance and knowledge in stars. Astrology dates 2.000 years BC and it was carefully studied by ancient  Indians, Mayas, The Greeks, The Chinese and The Arabs independently. Through observation and analysis it was discovered that there is a correlation between movements of celestial bodies and the life here on Earth.    Through time, 12 different astrological types developed.

In the further text, you will find twelve different types of astrological personalities, brief descriptions and a couple of top recommendations  that will help you find balance.


You are passionate, dynamic and confident by nature. However you are prone to violent reactions and you are often impulsive.

How to find balance:

Maintain balance– find time in your schedule to relax. 

At work try to be more efficient and get rid of all excessive work.

Channel your energy by exercising, run or take up kickboxing.

Balance your physical activities with calming activities like cooking, reading or gardening.

Implement non-violent communication strategy if you have anger issues.


You are a reliable, warm and decisive person, however, sometimes you can be unforgiving, bitter and possessive.

How to find balance:

Consider the viability of other people's points of view to avoid stubbornness.

Ground yourself in nature when you feel stuck.

Be aware of how your actions affect other people.

Try to calm your thoughts with mantras or meditation.

Explore the world of scents and healing aromatherapy.


You are an intelligent, versatile and lively person, but on the other hand, you can be tense, cunning and inconsistent. 

How to find balance:

Beware of being workaholic: Do you work too much?

Have a balanced diet and avoid skipping meals.

Learn to calm your nerves, maybe with herbal tonics or a warm bath.

Rest your mind, explore different techniques of visualisation. Learn breathing techniques and practice them every day.



You are caring, intuitive and protective soul, but you often struggle with mood swings, sensitivity and inability to relax.

How to find balance:

Don’t forget to nurture and take care of your own needs - it's not selfish, it’s important for your well-being.

Practice meditation, grounding, yoga or tai chi.

Slow down and live at your own pace.

Learn to set limits.

Throw away everything that you don’t use. 


You are a brave, creative and loyal person. However, you tend to be in command and be intolerant. You like to be always right.

How to find balance:

Develop your ability to listen, so you can allow others to come to the fore.

Every day, take time for yourself and do something you love.

Avoid spicily and greasy food that reduces your energy and disrupts the balance in your body.

Drink plenty of water.

Use affirmations.

HOROSCOPE AND LIFE BALANCE: Virgo should learn to forgive, Cancer to set the boundaries and Capricorn to understand that happiness is a choice


You are an analytical, practical and hard-working person, but you can also be a perfectionist, too critical and restless.

How to find balance:

Leave the routine and allow yourself to be spontaneous.

Forgive - yourself and the others.

Step out of your mind and enter your body; try hiking or dancing.

Bring consciousness to your inner talk: Are you too critical? Replace negativity with acceptance.

Make a sleeping schedule - relax your mind!


You are a romantic and idealistic person, but sometimes you can be naive, too indulgent and indecisive.

How to find balance:

Make a list of tasks you need to do that will help you stay organized and avoid stress.

When making important decisions, list all the reasons ‘for’ and ‘against’.

Express your emotions through music, painting or yoga.

When the situation is beyond your control try to get out of it.

Allow yourself to enjoy, but don’t forget about modesty.


You are a passionate, intuitive, and magnetically attractive person, but you are also prone to jealousy, bitterness and obsession.

How to find balance:

Practice calming techniques whenever you feel under stress, such as deep breathing, visualization, and similar.

Try hydrotherapy, as a way of calming the mind and the body.

Forgive others in order to prevent long-term resentment.

Always see the bigger picture, don't get lost in details.


You are honest and good-natured. You have a sense of humor and philosophy, but you also tend to blind optimism, you can be irresponsible and restless.

How to find balance:

Use sport as an energy channel - find one that you like.

Learn how to balance optimism with realism.

Question your life: In what areas do you feel trapped?

Learn to feel consciously your emotions both good and bad, so that they don’t eat you.

Learn to find joy in little things.



You are a witty, practical and disciplined person, but you can sometimes be on the border with stinginess, fatalism and pessimism.

How to find balance:

Get rid of toxic relationships and surround yourself with positive people.

Think of your values and dreams whenever you make decisions.

How does your internal dialogue affect you? If it is negative, work on encouraging healthy self-confidence.

Relax mind and body through practices such as tai chi and yoga.

Remember that happiness is -a choice.


You are inventive, free-spirited and friendly, but you can also be unpredictable, emotionally distant and controversial.

How to find balance:

Allow yourself to be authentic.

Arrange your activities so that you can have time for yourself, respecting your free spirit.

Learn to appreciate vulnerability and the fact that it makes you stronger.

Enjoy as an individual, but do not boycott yourself.

Be aware of the present moment.


You are a sensitive, compassionate and imaginative person, but you can also be mysterious, in a bad mood and unclear.

How to find balance:

Understand what it is that causes you stress.

Beware of self-pity and avoid the role of victim - martyr.

Give your romantic mind freedom, but don’t forget to come back to earth.

Learn how to balance your right and left the side of the brain in order to achieve greater stability.

Develop a healthy dose of skepticism that will protect you from manipulation.


HOROSCOPE AND LIFE BALANCE: Virgo should learn to forgive, Cancer to set the boundaries and Capricorn to understand that happiness is a choice