Sagittarius Business Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope


Sagittarius is the philosopher of the zodiacs. You love metaphysics, religion, philosophy, and to discover the meaning of life. If your career is in a connection with this, great.

You are also very good in communication, you have social skills... And every job is connected with these. While Saturn visits you, you will not feel as secure as you used to feel. You will have some suspicions in tasks that seemed easy in the past. This is because Saturn will affect on your Jupiter easiness.

Don't worry. Jupiter is your planet ruler, always on your side. Saturn is visiting you to remind you of the deeper part of you. It will produce a little bit of a mess in your work. But, maybe something will come from that.

You have a strong need to explore. You have enough energy to do five things at once. What you lack is staying power. Before you finish with one project, you jump to another. You are bored doing the same things and boredom is your worst enemy. And you believe in your luck.

Maybe Saturn as Jupiter's opposite will teach you to stay and be patient. Moving is in your nature, but you need to learn to stay peaceful and alone. People will be the field where you work. So, your charm is enough for success. But, knowing the deeper side of people and situations, remaining calm and serious, will bring you greater possibilities. And new possibilities and adventures are something that you love the most.

So, in April try to explore the differences which come with Saturn. Maybe, after a little bit of confusion, you will be delightfully surprised and upon a new horizon.

Moon will pass through your sign on the 9th and 10th of April.

It is time to think about yourself. What you are really feeling. And where would you like to stay and where would you like to go. Staying and going is impossible. The Moon will whisper the direction to you...