Because of lack of interesting we do not update Aries Monthly Career Horoscope


Mercury is in your sign until the 15th of April. As in work, so in love, Mercury brings thinking and easy communication. He is where reason is. In the first half of April, you can brainstorm new business ideas. Think about them and write them down. This is the time for their harvest.  

They will be realized at another time – now they are only surfacing.

Thinking does not only bring ideas. It helps solve old dilemmas and unsolved situations. In terms of work, this applies to people who you work with on projects. 

Mercury is also the planet of communication. If you are being bothered by problems that you could not communicate before, the first half of April is good for this.  Say what bothers you, explain it, do not be afraid. Everything that bothers you can be resolved easier if you express it. Or at least you will see if it is unsolveable. When a word gets stuck in your throat, it becomes a problem itself.

A negative aspect of Mercury is the habit of criticizing and being sarcastic. In the first half of April be very careful not to fall into these traps. They give a false sense of power.

You are strong and full of energy. In your soul you are a warrior. You like to lead. But there are always two sides to a coin. The other side in this case is selfishness, aggressiveness and a difficult character.

Get to know yourself. Nurture your good sides, not your bad ones. Avoid thinking “That’s just the way I am”. No one is any “way”. We control the processes of change.

Uranus stays in a sign for 7 years. It always brings change, it turns thing upside down. So as long as Uranus is your, let things that need to change.

The Moon, symbolizing feelings, the irrational and uncatchable, comes into Aries on April 17th and 18th. The same advice is always true. Stay alone these days – in silence. Try to define and accept what you feel. This has a great effect on people around you – in your professional and personal life.