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If you are single:
Your mentally active leader Mercury joins forces with intellectual Taurus in your ninth house of knowledge and expansion on May 3rd, giving you the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons early in the month. Take advantage of the slow pace of this transit (especially when receiving love advice) to let things truly settle for you. 

The sextile of Mercury and Saturn on May 5th helps you connect with others on an intellectual level and come up with feasible solutions to your romantic problems. It's clear you're not afraid to make an effort and do your best to improve things. 

The Sun's transition from outgoing Aries to powerful, quiet Taurus on May 20th will require some adjustment, but ultimately having this confident energy in your element works in your favor. With this strong partnership in your ninth house of truth and wisdom, common sense prevails over your romantic whims. Honesty will take you far now, Virgo.

For couples:
Your ruling planet Mercury governs knowledge and communication, and when it joins forces with your like-minded earth sign Taurus on May 3rd, you can learn many valuable love lessons. Take time to really listen to your partner and what they're saying instead of just waiting for them to stop talking so you can talk. 

It may take you a little more time to think through a relationship issue that arises out of nowhere during the Mercury-Saturn sextile on May 5th, but fortunately, your brain is in full power, so you can process things logically and methodically. If someone is trying to rush you, carefully consider that person's motivation for doing so. 

A big energy shift is coming on May 20th as the Sun leaves confident Aries for jealous Taurus, so there may be some insecurity when it comes to other people your partner spends time with. Do you really think something is going on, Virgo? Trust is crucial now.