Virgo Love Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope


You are able to love and could be nice life partner. But, your concerning and tendency for perfection could always ruin any partnership.

In April there are no Planets in your sign. Your Planet ruler Mercury will be in Aries and Taurus. You are all alone. That means your relationship will not experience deep changes or disturbing during this time.

But, you could always disturbing it by yourself. With your criticism, cynicism and perfectionism. You strive for perfection could be difficult for the person to live with or to be around, because your standards for yourself and others are so high. At times others can never be "good" enough to meet those high standards.

Do you really think that people are generally born with mistakes and you are here to fixed it?

Well, people are with mistakes, it is true. So you are. But, this is rules of the game. If we had been perfect, we will never born!

Let it go. Your concern, your attitude, and your perfection. Teach yourself to enjoy in imperfection. See all nice things what have with your partner. Go in the nature, and see how imperfect it is. The livestock manure is a food for plants. The mud is good for grow. Dirty things hiding a life in their self.

Too much worry can lead to health problems. You need to learn to accept every experience and assimilate it without bitterness, regret, spite or resentment. And people, too.

For Virgo who are single applies the same. There are lot of people outside, man and women. Some of them looking for somebody to love. But, they will be very afraid if you give them to know that you are looking perfect person. Because, they are not.

Moon will be twice in your sign this month. So, double chance to think about yourself. Trying to change what you think you could. On the early beginning, 01st and 2nd of April, and on the end, 29th and 30th of the month.

At least one of them don’t miss…