Gemini Business Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Gemini Monthly Career Horoscope


You are friendly, communicative and flexible.  You may appear confident, but you sometimes lack self-confidence and inner assurance. I hope you have a job where all your good features can manifest.

You are also very attractive to the opposite sex. It is not only physical. People love your flexibility and airiness…

Be dedicated to your work in the first half of the month. Because, you need to think about love in the second. Also, Venus in the second half can help you improve your business relationships. Venus always calls for love and harmony. Not only in sexual, personal relationships. Your relations with your colleagues at work and business partners are also very important.

The April will be nice and slow month for your business. Nothing big will happen. But, something will start to grow. Almost insensibly.

Some of old, never finished projects, or situations will finally be finished. You will sense relief and new direction to continue. Your April on the job will be as your view through the window. Spring like. New leaves which you can hardly see, small wind and more sun every day.

You just need to water your business plants every day in the morning.

As in love, you need to understand your urges for a change. Is it just for the sake of change itself, or is it really time to change?

The Moon will be in your sign 21th and 22th of April. As you know, that’s the time for answers. You can ask yourself whatever you want without the fear or being wrong. The answers are always in the same place: in your heart. But, the Moon knows some secret way to draw them out.