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If you're single:
You may be inclined to scrutinize every little detail under a microscope when thoughtful Mercury squares your subliminal co-ruler Pluto on May 3, which could lead you down an obsessive path. Too much thinking and questioning "what ifs" can take you to an unnecessarily dark place, Scorpio. 

Find a healthy distraction. Your sex life is the talk of the zodiac, so people can be extremely jealous when it gets even better during Mercury and Mars sextile on May 8! The key to a hot and exciting sex life is good communication, which you definitely have during this verbal aspect. 

If you're willing to let your guard down during an unusual Mars and Uranus sextile on May 29, things could get even more tangled than usual with your love affairs or potential new lover. This experimental phase can last for a few days, so you'll be able to explore many different positions, techniques, etc. to give each other pleasure. Have fun!

For couples:
You'll have a lot on your mind as your deeply reflective co-ruler Pluto clashes with thinker Mercury on May 3, but overthinking things can lead you down a dark rabbit hole of doubt. Is there a reason why you don't want to trust your partner at their word? Let's talk about it, Scorpio... 

If you're able to resolve your trust issues by the time the Mercury and Mars sextile arrives on May 8, you should have a very active, healthy, and exciting intimate life. When you're comfortable discussing your desires and needs, it's much easier for your partner to give you pleasure. 

On May 29, an open-minded Mars and Uranus sextile brings an experimental phase that requires you to lower your inhibitions and try something new. If you're like most Scorpios, you're probably already pretty liberal, so even more openness should be exciting. Don't let anyone tell you what you're interested in is "weird." Do what makes you happy!