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For singles:
In charming Libra, the full moon on May 5th helps you get the attention you deserve. If you're in the spotlight during this lunation, others will easily notice you and be attracted to all of your talents and abilities. You could have a romantic date every night of the month if you want to, Capricorn. 

Things become confusing during the Venus-Saturn square on the fourteenth, especially if you've been flirting with a colleague or someone connected to your job. There's now a very thin line between what's appropriate and what's not. Don't say or do anything that could be taken the wrong way. 

Your love life will have much more defined and positive opportunities during the Sun-Saturn sextile on May 25th, as it reminds you to set specific goals and then go after them. Your love life will benefit from the same rule you have for your career: the more you try and work, the more successful you'll be.

For couples:
As the energy of the full moon in Libra on May 5th affects your tenth house of public recognition, you may be looking for validation elsewhere, not in your relationship. Which is okay, as long as you don't forget your priorities. You should find a way to balance your career and personal life during this graceful lunation. 

Challenges come in the form of the combative Venus-Saturn square on the fourteenth, so be prepared for a battle if necessary. When both of you feel like you're trying, but your partner doesn't agree with your views, compromise can be difficult to achieve. This is a common disagreement that can drag on endlessly. 

You'll be on a much firmer footing when the Sun-Saturn sextile arrives on May 25th, and the phrase "You've come a long way" will be extremely applicable to your situation. It's crazy to think about where you were just a month ago compared to where you are now, isn't it? It just shows you what can happen when you really try, Capricorn.