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For singles:
Finally, you'll have a chance to quiet some of your wild thoughts when your sharp-witted ruler Mercury leaves impulsive Aries and enters dependable Taurus. You'll be more persistent than usual throughout the rest of the month, helping you fulfill the promises you've made to yourself. 

On May 5th, determined Mercury sextile Saturn helps you set future goals as well as fulfill current ones. When your focus is on what you want and deserve, there are almost no limits to what you can achieve. Your dedication to getting the job done is admirable, Gemini, and it will especially attract success-oriented Capricorn. 

An exciting new moon in Aries arrives at the same time as the solar eclipse on May 19th, reigniting the spark in you that keeps things moving in a positive direction. Embrace the unusual as you prepare to take the next step in your love life.

For couples:
What happens when the dominant energy of your ruling planet Mercury leaves fiery Aries for grounded Taurus on May 3rd? Well, Gemini, things start to move at a slower pace, especially communication, but that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. 

Since this transit affects your twelfth house of subconscious, you can rely heavily on your instincts, which will help you deal with issues in your relationship. There's a helpful Mercury sextile Saturn on May 5th that prompts you to think about what's truly important in your relationship and perhaps change some of your priorities. If you haven't been giving your partner the attention they deserve, they'll enjoy these changes you make. 

On May 19th, there's a new moon and solar eclipse in spontaneous Aries and the social sector of your natal chart, so you never know when, how, or why you might meet someone new. There's nothing wrong with making new friendships as long as you don't forget where to draw the line.