Gemini Love Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, you are a thinking sign. Detached is your characteristic. But, of course, as every of us, you have been ruled by limbic brain. That means you need to be attached with another person. To be ‘in home’ near to somebody else. To open your mind and heart. And to let all your masks falling down.

Venus, Planet of love, coming in your sign 16th of April. She will asks you: ‘Is detaching so perfect?’ Or: ‘Is constant change so important?’

Is it?

Some of Gemini people love these changes. They change habits, places, jobs and partners. Some of you maybe live with somebody, but call for change does not leave you alone.

Be able to change is wonderful feature. Change is only thing that is constant in the Universe.

But, it is good to know to stay. For change.

Venus will help you to stay or to change. It is deepens what would you like. But, really like!

If you want to change your job, or your partner do it because is not what you really want. Not only for changes.

If you some of Gemini who pass this questions and decide to stay with somebody who loves you, Venus will improve that. You will see beauty in things you didn't see before. Enjoy. Be what you are, lovely, adaptable, nonconformist, inquisitive, curious… Your capability for change and imaginations use for put quality in your relationship.

If you are Gemini who are still alone, quit for your changes appetite. Try to accept somebody exact what he or she is. And don’t scare of potential obligations. It is usual for adult people. Venus coming to invite you in new adventure. In game for adult people. Children is not allowed.

You will not find your soul mate. But you could choose somebody and procreate your soul mate.

In the 21th and 22th of April, our dark companion, Moon, passing through your sign. It is time to discover what you really want. Don’t listen voice of your parents or teachers in your head. Listen your heart, the voice in what you believe, deeply inside.