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Because of lack of interesting we do not update Libra Monthly Career Horoscope 


You are charming, refined, attractive, giving and know how to understand others. But, also, you need support and approval from others. You will be very good in every social contact because you have great social skills.

There are no big Planets in your sign this April. Your lovely Venus is spending time in Taurus and Gemini. It seems that you are alone… Can you be alone?

Can you do your job without waiting approvement from others all the time? Can you imagine yourself as self-sufficient?

Of course, you can. Since you like being with people, I suppose you found a job with lots of interactions. Of course, you have a team of colleagues, it is good. But, sometimes you should remind yourself: Yes, I am self-sufficient.

It will make relations with your colleagues better. You could say: “No”, when the situation requires that. Nobody will not angry because of it. They'll just start to accept you as a person who says “no” sometimes. And will admire you more… You are Libra, you can't stand disorder and disharmony and want everything to be balanced, poised, and harmonious. Great! But, sometimes it will not happen. Then you can either try putting more effort or you can accept that. And even if you put more effort, you will not succeed. You will just become more frustrated.… Maybe you are thinking about new job or starting your own business. Your great social skills charm will help you for sure. Perceive all advantages and disadvantages of this change. But, don't lose yourself in never ending weighing... Moon will be passing through your sign on 4th, 5th and 31th of April. Use this time to put small weights on your scale. One side will be outweigh. You will know which one…