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If you are single:
It's nice to have other things to distract you from your love life this month, Aries, starting with the partnership between modern Mercury and money-focused Taurus on May 3. Your finances currently require more attention than your romantic life. 

On the 8th, a positive sextile between Mercury and Mars encourages you to connect mentally with someone, but this person may not be as physically attractive to you. Having a strong, instant chemistry from the very beginning is not always necessary. Give this developing relationship some time to see if things will naturally progress towards greater intimacy. 

Your competitive sign hosts the new moon on May 19, which happens at the same time as an exciting solar eclipse. Taking initiative is now one of your strengths. Don't be afraid to aim high, and if the answer is "No", you will be ready to move on without regret.

For couples:
You have a lot on your mind this month, Aries, starting with your joint finances as intelligent Mercury joins forces with money guru Taurus in your second house of possessions and financial transactions on May 3. There's no need to rush into anything now. 

Long-term investments and opportunities lead to financial security. There is an optimistic sextile between Mercury and Mars on May 8, which can distract you from relationship problems, but be careful when using intimacy as a distraction. It's easy to postpone an argument by seducing your partner, but the same old problems will still be there when you finish. 

An optimistic new moon and solar eclipse land in your fiery sign on May 19, helping you realize that you can use your significant self-assured, brave energy to go after whatever you want. You won't be afraid of anything now, so if anyone thinks they can intimidate you or your partner, they better be prepared for a fight.