MONDAY – The Day of the Moon

- Melancholic Persons born on this day want a peaceful and modest life, but have difficulties to achieve those goals. They are skeptical and unstable when undertaking actions. They eagerly seek for a refuge in dreams and romance. They like blue color, but should wear green as often as possible as it positively influences their persistence.

TUESDAY – The Day of the Mars

- Dynamic and Argumentative Persons born on this day are open minded, active, exhibitionists and they intend to a lot of things mechanically in order to finish the job promptly. They are vengeful, confident, enthusiasts, insensitive, sturdy. They like red color, but should wear and use orange and brown as often as possible.

Wednesday - The Day of the Mercury

- Capable Trader Persons born on this day would like their life to be an adventurous novel full of surprises and unforeseen events. They are critical of everything, boredom intolerant, and want to live in a fantasy world. They need to find a balance between dreams and day-to-day life. They never have time to slow down and take a rest. They are always in a hurry and don't like to be inactive. They neglects personal relations and have an ingenious, vivid spirit. They like novelties, future and yellow color but they should also wear blue as it calms down the nerves.

Thursday- The Day of the Jupiter

- Philosopher of good mood Persons born on this day are experts in handling obstacles in a philosophical manner. They know how to channel the reality and don't like sadness or melancholy. They are funny, they look cheerful but their humor derives from their indifference toward people. They are realistic; they don't let the dreams to take over their life and don't build 'castles in the air.' They are useful, active, natural, generous, committed, decisive, and inspire confidence. They need to be surrounded by blue color to calm aggression, extroversion and increase sensitivity, tenderness and humanity.

Friday - The Day of Venus

- Cheerful individual of good mood They always try to look as they are in a good mood in order to cover up their sad thoughts. They like to relax, chill out and travel. They should understand that goals can only be reached by investing a lot of energy. Their judgment is a little bit below average; they tend to plan things but they leave suddenly when they lose interest. They should be surrounded by green color which helps to establish the balance.

SATURDAY - The Day of Saturn

- Calm and Sensible Serious, careful, adaptable person who has a rich inner life, refined soul and contemplative nature. Persons born on this day are a safe haven for thoughts and peace. They love silence, they are precise and tunable in the smallest details. They like when things are clearly defined and structured. They are intolerant for those who are cunning or those who try to take an advantage. They should understand that people have flaws. They are ambitious, witty, profound, active, and had research spirit. They like white and black color, which indeed are not colors. They are recommended to use yellow as it makes them active and cheerful.

Sunday - The day the Sun

- Dynamic and Combative Persons born on this day are generous enthusiasts who inspire confidence, and have choleric temperament. They tend to stick their nose into everything and don't allow anyone to prevent them from going where they want and doing what they wish to. They are sensitive, altruists and naive optimists. Their enthusiasm and senses are in balance. They are profound, dignified, just, and decisive. They should wear white because it calms down their need to seek for the impossible and controls fantasies.

What is good to do on certain days?

Monday - a good day to initiate any task, but it's filled with melancholy

Tuesday - the day for sports, quarrels, action

Wednesday - the day for trade

Thursday - the day filled with happiness, pleasant day

Friday - the day suitable for divination because it reveals all the secrets; the day for love, beauty, parties, weddings

Saturday - the day of the dead when no new things should be initiated. Persons born on Saturday have links with 'other' world; psychic people

Sunday - the day for relaxing and family gatherings.