Sagittarius Love Horoscope


Because of lack of interesting we do not update Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope


You have Saturn for the entire month of April in your sign. Saturn was "an evil Planet" in ancient astrology. Your ruling planet Jupiter was the good guy, luckily for you, and Saturn was the opposite. Ancient astrologists would say: "you are born under the happy star, but these days, Saturn will deny that."

But this is not necessarily bad. Saturn is associated with the principles of limitation, restrictions, boundaries, safety, reality, seriousness, and structure.

For you, Saturn will bring a very important lesson: restraint. You are a truth seeker, unconventional and impulsive. These are nice qualities, but with occasional restraint, it will be perfect.

You may enter into a higher level with your love life. Luckily, playful Jupiter makes your love life happy and full of joy. Saturn will add one serious component to it. You will feel a bit afraid of it. And it will seem to you that you are losing something. But, you have to finish one thing to start another. Happiness indeed exists in serious relationships as well.

For Sagittarius who are not in a relationship, Saturn also will bring some different perspectives. You could stop seducing, and rather, try to build a friendship. Physical component will not be the most important in your new acquaintances. You will learn to look into the eyes... and to listen.

The Moon comes into your sign on the 9th and 10th of April. The Moon represents our deep emotions. And, in some way, when it enters into our sign, helps us see our emotions. It reveals the ones which we know, as well as those which we don't want know, and deny.

So, use its help. It is always good to know more about ourselves. Nothing will stay hidden. Sooner or later, time will unveil everything.