UNIVERSE CAN SEND YOU A SIGN AND LIGHT YOUR PATH: Here’s how you can make clearer decisions!

The universe always provides leadership and illuminates our path.

In fact, if we can calm down and really pay attention, there are great chances that we will see signs and traces all around us, which will help us recognize the path.
There is no wrong or right direction in life, but sometimes, if we open ourselves to divine inspiration, it can help us make clearer decisions and follow the path of our purpose.

If we follow the path of purpose, we follow the path of our truth and go in the direction of our soul and heart. Once we reconcile ourselves with the energy around us, we can create a life in which we feel truly good.
‘Hold the question in your heart. Ask with a complete focus and confidence in the guidance of the universe. Then release and watch the traces of bread crumbs that are served for you to follow’.
How to recognize the crumbs? How to see them when they appear? Sometimes it's hard to recognize them, especially if you are caught in the labyrinth of your life and struggling to find the truth. These are some of the strategies that will help you and that will tell you how to get a sign from the Universe.

UNIVERSE CAN SEND YOU A SIGN AND LIGHT YOUR PATH: Here’s how you can make clearer decisions!

Make your intention clear
Why are you looking for a sign? Feel your intention and let it be clear what you want with it. You can even write it down. If you are new to this, you may want to start with something smaller, so you are not too tied to the outcome.
Feel your intention
Do not include logic and wonder ‘what if’, just send your question to the Universe and believe that the Universe has heard you. Ask the Universe for a specific, clear sign by setting a time frame and asking the Universe to provide you with a sign within a certain period. Ask the Universe to send you the sign several times; three is usually a good number. Ask the Universe to make the sign obvious and significant to you.


Stay open
This is the most important of all the steps. The sign may not appear in the way you expect it, but stay open and believe that the sign will be delivered to you.
Also, don’t try to think about what is happening around you and what you think could be the ‘sign’. Just relax and let the message come to you.
The universe always speaks to us in signs, but it sometimes helps if we set the intention.
When you adjust to the vibration of your own spirit and energy around you, you will automatically feel the lead, and you will start moving forward.