What’s expecting you in 2017: Calculate your biorhythm number

It's time to find out what are numerological prognosis for 2017, and all you need to do is calculate your biorhythm number and

you'll do so by adding digits of the day and month you were born, so you get a single-digit number. For example, if you were born on November 16, your biorhythm number is 9 (16+11 = 27, 2+7=9).

Number 1.

For you this is a fateful year when you will finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. In 2017 everything will work for you, and favorable aspects ‘lurk’ from everywhere so make the most of every opportunity that you can get. Don’t be afraid or limit yourself, this is your year. Get rid of excessive egoism and vanity.

Number 2.

Whatever happens this year, whether it's good or bad, it will make you react more violently than usual. This year you will definitely remember by prominent hedonism, and also laziness. It is possible that you will neglect your job for the sake of travel, just because you want to enjoy as much as possible. Avoid fatty foods because you will have a problem with excess weight.


Number 3.

You can expect a lot of stress this year, and just like the number 2, you will take everything too personally and violently. Stress can affect your business and love life in a bad way so it would be good to keep your partners away from what doesn’t concern him, and when it comes to working - only work, order and discipline, and you will achieve everything you intended! Physical activity will relieve you from the stress.

Number 4.

This is an excellent year for progress and development. However, you should know that none of these things will come by itself, but you will have to try seriously, and the greatest challenge will be problems from the past. If you deal with them, things will be great both in business and personal plan. 

What’s expecting you in 2017: Calculate your biorhythm number

Number 5.

You can expect an interesting year when it comes to love. If you haven’t had a serious relationship for a while, it is very likely that this year you will find the love of your life, and some can even expect marriage or pregnancy. Basically, everything works for you and this will be a successful year at all levels.

Number 6.

For you, 2017. is the year of stress and turnovers, especially when it comes to love. If you have been in a relationship for long, you may suddenly decide to break up, and if you are in short and less serious relationship, you may decide to enter a marriage with someone you hardly know it. Exactly these hasty decisions that you haven’t thought through bring stress into your life.


Number 7.

This is a year full of challenges. However, during 2017. everything will end up properly and you'll finally feel free and relaxed. Be ready to accept new events and new people who are coming into your life. There is a great possibility that you will finally fall in love, just be careful not to go back to old habits and people from the past.

Number 8.

Use the beginning of the year to summarize everything that happened in 2016. and learn from it. This year you need to forgive yourself and others for anything bad that happened and to put an end to all those stories. However, keep in mind that this is the year of endings, and not new beginnings so some major changes will not happen. But at least you’ll solve all the problems from the past and enter the new year ‘clean’, and that is most important. This year, be sure to travel!

Number 9.

You are finally getting out of the vicious circle you entered. The year 2017. is the year of new beginnings for you, and the energy that you have is endless! Whatever you imagine - go for it, luck is on your side! Do not let anything get in your way. This is your year! 


What’s expecting you in 2017: Calculate your biorhythm number