Signature can reveal a lot about your personality

Human handwriting has been studied for a very long time in order to detect some characteristics of personality.

However, various studies claim that signature, not handwriting, can be used as an indicator of a person's character. Here's what the signature says about you:

1. Financial success. In one study from 2014, signatures were examined, salaries and success of different directors. It was found that the bigger the signature was, the person had a bigger salary.

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2. Social dominance. A study published in the Journal of Personality Studies examined the relationship between three different sizes of signatures and different personality traits.Results showed that long signatures indicate 'social dominance' both with men and women.

Signature can reveal a lot about your personality

3. Narcissism. The same study as in the previous item indicates that the size of the signature shows narcissism - but only with women.

4. Honesty. According to the research, signing the documents on the top or bottom is an indicator of the honesty of the individual.

Signing the documents at the beginning, not the end, significantly reduces dishonesty.

5. Self-confidence .The study found that the size of the signature can also be associated with self-confidence.

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According to the research, when for example, people get positive reviews in intelligence tests, it affects their self-confidence that is enlarged, and thus their signature is bigger.

Signature can reveal a lot about your personality