Zodiac statistic: Libras are the most beautiful, Capricorns are good musicians

What does statistic say about each sign of the Zodiac, which sign is the most beautiful, and which is considered to be the best boss?



Arians are not particularly good in conducting business negotiations and managing business cooperation. They can't stand hustlers, dishonest people, liars; they will say bluntly what they think of them. And cut all ties with them. The results of a survey imply that Aries child is among those kids who do not give up. Even if you give them a task they are not up for, and you express your doubt in their ability to do it, they will do their best to prove you wrong. Researches show that the main reasons why Arians leave their partners are their indifference, predictability, and lack of passion. Arians do not visit doctors as much as other signs do. Flu and fever are their worst enemies.


Taureans are high on the list of favorite bosses. They appreciate talents and skills of their subordinates, and they believe that it is important to reward the diligent, reliable and loyal employees. They are the best hosts, even at their workplace. As soon as you enter their offices, you will be offered an expensive drink or something of your preference, and they conclude negotiations in a restaurant known for its exquisite cuisine. A survey conducted on thousands of married couples leads to the conclusion that Taureans are ready to wait a long time till they get the attention of the people they like. Astrological explanation of that is Taureans' patience and commitment. They prefer to come to the office before everyone else and make thorough plans for that day. The reason is clear, they can’t stand panic and nervousness, or to be rushed or interrupted.



Geminies are the masters of communication; they easily acquire new words and grammar, so they learn foreign languages faster than anyone else. They are thought to be great interpreters and translators. On psychological tests, they came up with great results. Researches show that they are among people who maintain to keep their youthful appearance and they style; they wear bright colors and modern accessories. They can't get enough of love, so it is not surprising that they get married in nursing homes more than other signs. They belong to the group of people who regularly visit psychologists and psychiatrists specialized in treating phobias.


Statistic show that Cancers are the best advisers, but they cannot help themselves. When things in life go wrong, just call them. Their exquisite intuition and innate caution are the reasons why they can give good and practical advises. On the other hand, if things go wrong, they, more than others, go astray and start drinking. They are thrifty, and are good superiors. They avoid speeches and addressing the public, they find it hard establish authority. They are thrifty. They can make original combinations from old and new things, so they always look amazing.


A research conducted in Hollywood, New York and France show that Leos are those who visit all important and unimportant social event; they are a regular guest at all glamorous parties. They belong to the rare group of people who do not panic when they need to take an exam, or in situations when they have to speak in public. The biggest number of celebrities was born under this sign. They like to boast with what they have, including their partners. Research also showed that a lot of people in leading positions were born in the sign of Leo.

ZODIAC STATISTIC: Libras are the most beautiful, Capricorns are good musicians


According to statistics, Virgos are the most passionate reader of love stories. Whereas psychologists point out that the selection of literature reflects what they lack in their lives. It seems that they are craving for love and romance. When it comes to love, they first find reasons against a relationship, and only after analyzing partners' flaws, they decide to enter it. They like to study love techniques. According to certain researches, as managers, they are second on the list, although they usually reach the success after the age of 50. Their digestive tract is very sensitive. They are rarely addicted to drugs and alcohol because they don't want their rational judgment to be blurred.


Members of this sign are the prettiest ones, and cosmetic experts confirm that. Male Libras are at the top of the list of men to whom women do not trust. They are, at the same time, considered to be the most skilled seducers whose charm is hard to resist. Sociological studies show that in marriages where the age difference is 10 or more, Libras are the most numerous. If they have to decide what life situations they find hard to bear, they will say fights and disturbed human relationships. They often claim that remorse makes them sort out things, and that is the reason why they are ready to make the first move.


If you like black humor, Scorpios are the right company for you. People who know them say that they are very entertaining and that they enjoy their lucid provocations and witty puns.  Judging from experiences from the USA, failed companies have better chances to recover if they are led by skillful Scorpios. They are experts in jobs that demand reconstruction, reorganization, finding new ways... They are, according to American sources, kings of the stock market. They can thank their good intuition, and they need to beat others for that. Patients born under this sign are those who recover the fastest.



Their partners think that their biggest flaw is their tendency to cheat. Their virtues that people appreciate the most are tolerance and willingness to forgive. It seems that they do not like chairs. They prefer sitting on the cushions on the floor while watching TV, than sitting on a couch. They are thought to be the agilest people. The reason for that lies in their innate vivacity; many of them are fans of yoga, Thai chi and fitness. Sagittarians ask questions and ask for additional information more than anyone else.



Those born under the sign of Capricorn belong to the group of people who like designer items. But, they’re not passionate shoppers, they buy only what they need, and the main criterion for that is quality and durability of a product.  The fact that they are not faithful in marriage shows that some beliefs about them should be reviewed. They become more relaxed and cheerful with age, and, therefore, prone to cheating. Women usually think that they are responsible, reliable and faithful men. Capricorns' working day usually lasts long into the night. Researches show that they are those who most often shave and change clothes at work. 


American employees prefer to hire Aquarians for job positions that demand originality. Researches based on observation of workers show that even if they work on the assembly line, they do that their way. They are fascinated by everything ultra-modern; they will start to listen to techno, even if they grew up listening to rock. Regarding their emotional life, Aquarians are among those people with whom it is hard to plan future. They are the most resistant when it comes to climate and weather changes. They can easily get used to unusual life conditions, polar cold, monsoons and tropical temperatures. People usually feel very pleasant in their homes.


Pisces are fortunes, favorite children. According to marketing experts, the success of Pisces is based more on a favorable combination of circumstances than their ambition. Although being thought of as sloppy and superficial, they are not; they will find what they need on the cluttered desk faster than anyone else. They like the touch of metal, and they rarely complain about their finances. Pisces are satisfied with lower income. Although people find them chaotic and superficial, they are not. Results of different researches among American teenagers show that members of this sign fall in love at first sight easily. Members of this sign often tell that they have first met their partners in a dream, and only after in reality.