Zodiac signs and meanings: The worst deficiencies of your zodiac sign

You are trying to leave the best possible impression in your surroundings, but sometimes it is hard for you to overcome your temper?

 Each zodiac sign has strengths and weaknesses; the only question is just how much you are willing to change. Typical representatives of fire signs are hasty and impatient, earth signs are stubborn and possessive, water signs are mainly moody and depressed while air signs are unfaithful and prone to mood swings.



You are impulsive, impatient and hasty. You are easy to annoy and even easier to be offended, although you cool down just as easy. You can be rude, intolerant and vengeful while in love you are unpredictable, jealous and possessive.


You stubbornly do whatever you want even when you are aware that you are wrong. You are very possessive and materialistically oriented. You are preoccupied with you look (especially ladies) and in love you are possessive, jealous, and often unfaithful.


You are so talkative and curious that you often "drive mad" all around you. Your mood is unpredictable and you tend to gossip and badmouth. You are ready to promise a lot, but nothing to fulfill.


You are capricious, often change your mood and prone to self-pity. You are easy to get offended because of little things. Those who hurt your ego and vanity will have a hard time. You are egocentric and selfish, and often conniving.


You are pretentious and vain; you like to be constantly in the center of attention. You believe that the whole world revolves around you. You are self-opinionated and prone to childish behavior. You like to let others know that they cannot do anything without you.


Sometimes you are so rambling that you "bore" all around you. You find it very difficult to endure criticism on your own account while you notice all the failures and shortcomings of others. You drive people around you mad with your perfectionism and meticulousness.

fire signs, impatient, earth sings, possessive, water signs, moody and depressed


You are undecided, and you get angry easily. You are vain and pay great attention to physical appearance and social status. In love, you can be cold and possessive while you bring too many emotions in the work.


You impose your will because you believe that you are always right. When you are provoked, you know how to be unpleasant and sarcastic, and you do not forget insults. In love, you are jealous, possessive and vengeful.


You are often childish, impatient and pushy. You say one thing and do another. In love, you are superficial and unfaithful. With excessive frankness and lack of tact, you insult others without even noticing it.


You are obsessed with success and love to dominate. You are conservative and stubborn, and often very resentful. Rather than show feelings, you analyze them and return to mistakes from the past.


You are egocentric, unreliable, impatient, and sometimes very sarcastic. In love, you are possessive and jealous, although you skillfully hide it. You are too curious to remain faithful, and you enjoy flirting.


You are hypersensitive and naive, but also disheartened, unstable, hesitant and indecisive. Sometimes you do not know where you're going, neither where you’re coming. You often do things against your own interests, do things out of spite and remember insults for a long time.