Real man wants these five things out of woman he loves

Women, be wise and pay attention to how your men feel. Don't forget that certain instincts that are inherited from their ancestors still live in them.

One of these is to be the protector of his partner.

Therefore, for example, even though you can change a light bulb without a problem, ask him to do it – he will feel important.

Every true man wants these five things from a woman: To be her hero. Men simply have innate need to be heroes, especially in front of women who they want to impress. He wants to give the whole world the one he loves, to carry her on his palm, hold her protectively in his arms, save her from unpleasant or stressful situations.


In return he just wants to see admiration in her eyes - to look at him as a real, primal male. To be accepted and loved. He wants to feel it regardless of his imperfections.

He wants his loved woman to accept him as he is, with all flaws and virtues. He is aware that he will sometimes forget to do what his partner told him, but he doesn't want her love to depend on such trifles. 

Real man wants these five things out of woman he loves

He wants a woman to tell him how she feels. Many women are wrong because they believe that their man is not interested in how they feel about him so they don't talk about it.

But every real man wants to know how his loved one feels. He doesn't want to live in ignorance and guess what could be happening inside her head.

Experts for relationships say that partners build walls between them, brick by brick, every time they fail to say something, especially when they keep to themselves how they feel. To have good communication. Poor communication is death for a romantic relationship and every real man is aware of that.

That is why he wants to have a partner that he can talk to about everything by his side, relaxed and spontaneously. Also, he knows that sometimes silence is excellent non-verbal communication between two people. Sometimes it is not necessary to say anything, and to actually say a lot. That she has her own interests.


For a healthy relationship, both partners should continue to cultivate their hobbies, relationships with friends and family, that is, they have to keep their personality. A real man does not want to have a woman who will be subordinated to him and his interests by his side. He wants a partner who thinks for herself and doesn't forget her own identity.

Real man wants these five things out of woman he loves