Three simple things with which you attract your soulmate

Just like any other goal, we achieve love step by step. However, many people pay very little attention to the first and most important step. If you want to find the ideal partner, it is very important to know what you want and what you can offer, and these three lists will help you with that.

What do I want out of a partner  

Name ten things you are looking for in an ideal partner. Then look at that list and determine which are the key qualities. This way you will separate desires from the real needs. If you stated that you want a person with a certain financial status or appearance, it is a desire, not a necessity. The same person can have great character traits such as kindness, empathy and sense of humor that are more important for a relationship than superficial desires.

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Qualities that your partner will appreciate about you

Name ten things that your partner will appreciate about you. We all have our strengths and we need to recognize them. That way we will know how much we can offer in a relationship and thus this confidence will attract potential partners.

Three simple things with which you attract your soulmate

Your own qualities that you can improve further

Modesty is important so this list may be the most difficult. Write down five qualities that you can improve. This way you will give yourself a reminder that no one is perfect.

That is why we should accept certain, not so perfect ways of functioning of a partner, as long as the big picture of a relationship is fine - especially if we want this person to accept us with all the flaws we have.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the partner will have every quality that we think of, but it is very likely that he'll have a majority.

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When we clearly know what we want, there is a change within us that allows us to find better people who have desired qualities and avoid those who don't.

Three simple things with which you attract your soulmate