Horoscope: Find in time what your partner will do to shock you

Aries will tell you everything they think to your face, Cancer calls from an unknown number, Leo goes on a sudden trip without you, and Aquarius walks around naked ...

ARIES (03/21- 4/20)


They will shock you with their haste, impatience, and contempt for any kind of advice. If they manage to spend two minutes listening to your 'nonsense' about diplomacy, they will still do it their way. And with their business partners they play hotshots, they will say everything they think to them, no matter what happens. If you are all dressed up for a night out with Aries, you will be shocked when they open the door for you in a tracksuit, with a screwdriver in one, and a beer in the other hand. So what, it's not the end of the world, you will get to that premier.


TAURUS (04/22- 05/21)


They will shock you with their main trump cards - persistence or being slow (depending on the situation) and persistence or stubbornness. Again it depends on the situation. For days, and even months, you have been waiting for something that he has promised to you, because when he is lazy, it's hard to get him started, and when he’s ‘hardworkng’, he works like a maniac. And when he opens his soul to you in a bar and admits that he yearns for you, you will be in shock. Even if you work in the media or some important institutions, there is no rescue, because Taurus completely loses his grip.


GEMINI (5/22- 6/21)


They start to shock you very quickly, from the moment they won you, so charming, talkative, informed, straightforward, intelligent. However, these same qualities transform your Gemini into a person who does not close their mouth, speaks in slang, sleeps with a mobile phone under the pillow, stares at the TV, while you perform a small fashion show of the lingerie for his eyes only. The peak of shock is when he has to move his car at the exact moment when it is necessary to change water for your canary or clean the filter in the dishwasher.


CANCER (6/22 – 7/22)


While you think that your Cancer is going to drop dead with work, he calls from unknown number (his battery is empty) from a bar where he is trying to calm his nerves, because weather has changed at least five times that day, and the newspaper said that the hole in ozone layer has spread. They rejected his card in a store, just when he wanted to buy something for the house, and his relatives bother him all day. He was very upset, but he did not want to burden you since you're already in shock.



LEO (7/23- 8/22)


Better ask yourself in what cases your Leo won’t shock you, because he is ready for ‘great deeds’, of course for his own benefit. And for his pleasure that he will want to share with you, but since you are never there when he gets invitations or tickets for a fashion show, a movie or theater premier or a tennis match, you have no one to blame. Well, certainly not him, although they will shock you when a female Leo tells you she’s going on vacation with her friends and a man Leo that he’s traveling with friends to a beer festival. 

Horoscope: Find in time what your partner will do to shock you

VIRGO (8/23 – 9/22)


Oh, they know how to shock, so stylish, restrained and all rational. All that rationality comes as a shock to you, but since you know that it is not the end, you tell yourself that your Virgo’s rationality brings you back to the ground every time you go over board and preserve you, for example, from thoughtless actions. And what about their sensitivity? Virgo will surprise you with it too, especially if you are delighted because they fixed broken intercom or made a delicious lunch. They will look straight into your eyes as you praise them because they finally got their five minutes of glory.​


LIBRA (9/23 – 10/22)


So sweet and yet so shocking that you don’t believe your eyes, but you already heard from her while she was tweeting over the phone that she’s emptied your bank account because she saw fantastic shoes. And a bag. And an accessory, well she’s always been trendy, that’s why you liked her. And now you're complaining; you're really ungrateful, you almost don’t deserve to be her partner. But, even this angry, your Libra loves you so much that she will forgive you, especially since you’re so shocked.


SCORPIO (10/23- 11/22)


Although she would like to tell the truth in the face of everyone (especially those who are so much inferior), she doesn’t want to shock those she loves, but all the others around her. However, she will do it so subtly, so skillful, that everyone will depend on her and seek salvation in her, and won’t be able to do any harm to her. If you strumbled into her world imagination, you would be shocked to realize that your Scorpio dreams of a time when she was young and had nothing, no career, no money, no jeep in the garage, and she was in love head over heals, but - not with you.​​


SAGITTARIUS (11/23- 12/21)


You can bet he will shock you if you are his partner. After all, you are not just anyone, you have been chosen to have Sagittarius create and beautify your life. The adrenaline that flows through his veins is injected in you the moment you sit with him in his jeep or when he wants a child with you, although he could already have grandchildren or actually has them. Female Sagittarius wants a new car because she wants to travel a bit, although she can also fly with you, she already figured out that you have that secret credit card, and you were living in the delusion that no one would ever know.



CAPRICORN (12/22- 01/20)


It will shock you when in the heat of explaining and analyzing business ventures and new ideas, they suddenly say that for years they’ve wanted to publish an almost completely written book or a love novel, to continue to paint its unfinished canvas, compose music or to design a fashion line or travel somewhere with you. He will prepare everything to go to a joint trip to Paris or Spain, book tickets and inquire about the conditions of stay and entertainment there. After all, we only live once.​​


AQUARIUS (1/21- 2/19)


Can Aquarius shock you at all? They certainly can, when suddenly they start coming home on time, and you finally gave up on waiting for him to have lunch together and went out to see your friends. You send a text, and Aquarius replies straight away, so of course, you are wondering what's behind it. Nothing, Aquarius is sprawled on a sofa in front of the TV with a remote in his hands, watching the favorite quiz - probably naked. Mobile phone keeps ringing; it’s set on silent mode.



PISCES (2/20- 3/20)


Pisces shock when they seem confused, and when they really are and when they pretend to be, so you want to shake them up a little. But they have already managed to shake you through a business decision that freaks you out. And then it turns out that they shocked the business partner, not you who ‘got something wrong’ so you can relax and not worry anymore. In meanwhile, your partner woman Pisces has already attracted somebody, while the seemingly dull man Pisces is able to seduce the first one he encounters. So who’s shocked now?