Women, open your eyes: Think twice whether you are going to believe these ten men's lies

Unlike small lies, there are those due to which it may be better to turn around and look for a better man.

One of the 'secrets' of the happiest couples is that partners are not brutally honest with each other. So men, in order to satisfy their partner, but also to get out of unpleasant situations, sometimes lie, although some of these lies are more or less harmless.

Here are ten most common lies that men 'sell' to women. If you've ever heard some of these small lies, you don't need to be worried straight away - because it doesn't mean that this man doesn't like you or is not interested in you, but that he just like any human being knows that sometimes it is better to tell a lie than the truth. However, with some lies it is perhaps better to turn around and look for a better man. We start from the number 10 to 1, which represents the lie most often said to women.

10. 'I can see no other woman but you'

Let's be honest, if we are in a relationship it doesn't mean we are blind, and this goes both for men and women. To 'check out' another person is not a crime, and if he does look at another woman here and there, it doesn't mean that he is not interested in you enough. It just means that he noticed something good in another woman. If you are in a relationship with a man who looks at other women and then compares you with them, that's a problem.

9. 'No, I don't watch porns'

Let's be honest, most of us at some point in life watched a porn, either as a curious teenager, lonely man, bored girl, a couple who wants to spice up their sex life ... But you don't have to worry that your partner wants to try all the things that he sees in adult movies, for example, a threesome. Studies have shown that most of what they see in porn movies men don't want to turn into reality.


8. 'I love spending time with your parents'

Meaning: 'Your parents are not so bad, but if I could choose, I wouldn't spend a lot of time with them.' And it is quite normal, because in the presence of other people's parents we need to be restrained, and we can't be completely relaxed as we would be for example in the company of friends.

7. 'I want to take things slowly'

In other words: 'I'm not ready for a serious relationship, but I would like us to see each other with no strings attached'. When a man says he wants to take things slowly, it usually means that for him you will be a woman number one, but he will leave the door slightly open in case he finds another one. That is, he wants to take things slowly because he is not sure whether he really likes you. Do we even have to mention that it's best to say goodbye to such a man?

Women, open your eyes: Think twice whether you are going to believe these ten men's lies

6. 'You're so funny!'

The sense of humor is one of the most appealing quality, so if your sense of humor is not that brilliant, he will tell you it is, and this lie is a sign that you mean a lot to him. One of the reasons why he chose you exactly is that he likes your personality and loves to watch you laugh at things that he didn't see as funny until you entered his life.

5. 'I didn't call because I was busy'

The ugly truth: 'I did not call because I didn't want to'. Let's get this straight once and for all: if someone cares about you, that person will find a way to call you, no matter how busy they may be. A real man will want to talk to you about anything and tell you about his day, but also to hear about yours.

4.' I don't know why she's texting me“

Men sometimes like to pretend that they don't realize that a certain woman likes them. And when another woman is texting them constantly, and they act as if they don't know why she's doing it, it's time to confront him and let him know that this girl should be openly told it is wrong to send messages because he's in a relationship.

3. 'I would never lie to you'

Most simply said everybody lies out of good intentions, bad intentions and everything in between. Make sure to see the difference between small, harmless lies from the big ones and that some people lie only when they think it's for your own good.


2. 'You cook the best'

Better than his mom? Maybe this sometimes is the truth, but most often it certainly isn't because it's a well-known fact just how fond men are of their mother's cooking. So what if the dishes you make are not the greatest in the world, does that matter? It's important that they were nice and made with love. 

1.    'No, you didn't gain weight'  

Men know that women are sensitive about their figure, so they would rather lie a little to their partner and say that she didn't gain weight, or that she doesn't look fat than actually tell her that her belly shows in a dress. When you think about it, partner actually wants to protect your self-confidence, so feel free to accept this lie. After all, as long as you look good to him, other people's opinion doesn't matter.


Women, open your eyes: Think twice whether you are going to believe these ten men's lies