Zodiac signs and favorite treat: Taurus adores cheesecake, Scorpio cannot resist dark chocolate

Find out what desert is each sign's favorite and surprise your partner



Aries likes healthy treats

Arians take care of their looks, so they will go for a dessert only if it is something healthy, whole wheat applesauce cupcakes, for example. Since they adore spices, they like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger cakes. However, they have to be of smooth texture and taste. Their favorite treats are cinnamon and ginger cookies.

Taurus adores cheesecake

Taurus is an Earth sign that likes homemade and traditional desserts. They eat a lot of dairy products so that they will be delighted by any cake containing cream or cheese. Taureans have a refined taste and know much about desserts, and they will always go for nicely decorated cakes that contain apples, cream, caramel or cheese. Their favorite cake is cheesecake. 

Gemini likes fruitcakes

Gemini adores light and airy desserts not very sweet. All fruit cakes are a real feast for them. As they don't spend much time in the kitchen, the cakes they make are simple with a lot of fresh fruit and cream. Their favorite dessert is raspberry and banana cake topped with cream.


Cancer is chocolate addict

Chocolate is both joy and consolation for every Cancer. Too heavy and too sweet desserts are not for them; they like chocolate musses and chocolate creams.  Cancers also like desserts containing alcohol. However, modest as they are, they will enjoy the most a simple chocolate pudding.

Something refreshing for Leo

Leos like big desserts; the bigger- the better. However, they should be careful not to put on weight, because they simply can't resist sweets. The best choice for them is lemon or orange cake, due to their refreshing notes. Their favorite dessert is Lemon Meringue.

Zodiac signs and favorite treat: Taurus adores cheesecake, Scorpio cannot resist dark chocolate

Virgo will have smoothie rather than cake

Virgos like to eat healthy food; they take care of the nutrition, and so excessive consumption of sweets is out of the question. They will rather go for a smoothie than a heavy and creamy vanilla or strawberry cake.

Libra will have anything with strawberries

Libras adore treats in pink tones and with strawberry taste. Cool desserts that can be eaten even if a freeze or very cold, will always be their choice. Every cake that contains gelatin, strawberries or yogurt is their favorite. Apart from taste, an important thing for Libras is that a cake is well decorated.

Scorpio cannot resist dark chocolate

Passion and lust are the main characteristics of this sign, so it is not a surprise that Scorpios' favorite treats are dark chocolate pralines with cherries. Besides chocolate, they like cheese, so cheesecake is high on the list of their favorite sweets.


Sagittarius: Just make it exotic 

Sagittarians like desserts that remind them of exotic places. In their cakes, they will put exotic fruit such as mango, coco or avocado. They do not like heavy and too sweet cakes; they will rather choose a refreshing dessert. Their favorite is any cold and light dessert.

Capricorn likes homemade cookies

Capricorns adore traditional and homemade cookies that, very often, they make themselves. They will gladly spice up their cakes with cinnamon, vanilla or almonds, and give every traditional cake their personal touch. 

Aquarius combines

It is widely known that Aquarians like unusual things and the same applies to sweets. They like experimenting and combining, so their cakes will be sweet and salty at the same time. Their favorites are fruit and jelly cakes.

Pisces like cakes with little sugar

If they can choose, Pisces will always go for a luxurious and healthy dessert. Ideal treats for them are those with very little sugar, and a lot of fruit, such as blueberry, raspberry, or blackberry pudding. They will especially delight by cold desserts during hot summer days.