Horoscope reveals: Year of turnovers, pay attention to what kind of fate you can expect

Find out what fate does your horoscope bring and to what you should especially pay attention


A year doesn't start badly for you. Basically, only Mars is in Sagittarius and Saturn is there with it, so they bring you back to some old stories, actions. You will be changing your direction of acting a little, not because you want to but because you'll have to. You're superior, with whom you are good, you are friends, and you're close, will stop some of your work 'for your own good', redirect it somewhere else. It is possible that he has to do it because there is someone who is above him. You will all be 'marionettes' because there is Jupiter in Virgo who will tailor what's happening in everyday life, and when it comes to health too. Health may be a problem for you in this year until the middle of September, an old problem in health will return. In your love life you will go from love to practical, back and forth. You want love, but what about money, you are in love but it costs. You want to get married because you're in love but everything is so expensive. There won't be a problem that you won't be able to make or make up if necessary, and then you will deal with it all. Life without fight and action isn't the life for you, and so isn't this year. What is it compared to whole life? –says astrogrineta.wordpress.com


Your year starts with a Venus in Aries; it is standing behind your back and it will breathe in your neck and bring you back to some old unfinished stories, decisions you made and then regretted, whether it comes to work or private life. In this year you will realize everything and it's amazing how many opportunities you will have to improve your life. Material one in the first place, by the beginning of the summer you will have a lot of advantages, and then private and intimate life too. You will simply become smarter and you will realize that being persistent when it comes to something that isn't worthy, simply doesn't pay off. Once you realize that, but for real, a new door will open for you together with new opportunities, as well as with new people who will be able to get into your life and make it better. You will have plenty to choose from and it's up to you to make a choice. You will be mentally strong to see the practical side of life and possibility not to get carried away by fairytales. If you like them better, then go ahead, but don't come crying when your fairytale turns out to be a fable.


A good year is ahead of you. I believe you can handle it because you're like a cat with the words. You always fall at your feet, and when it comes to words you have a way with them that it feels like you have, not nine but ninety-nine lives. Your year starts with Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Gemini. There will be different happenings, they will go from practical, like serious work, related to trade, marketing, writing for a magazine. The public will not really be inclined to you, so it is better not to chase public work even though it would suit you perfectly. Then there's swaying, free and relaxed love,which turns into a relationship, and then possessiveness and jealousy come, a little relaxation and then serious fighting again. Either you will be like that or you will have such a partner. Those who are in serious, long-term relationships, could get married this year.



Your year starts with Venus in your sign of Cancer. This means that you will be attracting people, whether in emotional or human relations in general. They will have quality and will make you feel good. Good year to start a business, love, marriage and family life. What keeps you moving is your ruler Moon, which changes every two, two and a half days, so depending on it, your mood will be changing too. Sort of like women with hot flashes. In any case, it will be your inner feeling and experience that appears due to your insecurity. With Venus in the first field you can do everything because you will feel beautiful, desirable, you will have various offers, business and love ones, and some members of this sign could get into a marriage either official or by living together, and they can easily get pregnant if that is what they want. May and June are ideal for conception. All in all, you will have opportunities, and good ones too, and it's up to you take them and finally start moving forward. 


Your year starts with Mercury and Venus in the first field, what more could you want? Good communication, friendly people, attracting love in any form. It is necessary to set yourself free from something or someone during the summer in order to get something. It is important that you will have the opportunity to do that, and then be rational and don't let your ego and vanity bury you. It's like, you feel good because you won't do something out of principles and you get nothing, but it's ok, you still have your dignity. And what will you do with it? Business with foreign partners will work out fine, also, the ones that have to do with art. Return money that you owe. Your family will hold you back, just like the past, for some period of the year. It will be a kind of emotional blackmail. It won't be easy, but try not to hurt anyone and play the game for yourself. You will have the opportunity to choose what your love life will be like, because love will work in your favor this year, contrary to money. You will have it, but not as much as you. It suits you and as much as you need. 

Horoscope reveals: Year of turnovers, pay attention to what kind of fate you can expect


The year that will have you walk through family, obligations and personal development from which you will benefit. By the ninth of September, Jupiter is in your sign and it gives you the opportunity to advance, which you didn't have until now. Use your chances, and deal with obstacles which will be there, with an intellect which is your strongest and the only weapon and tool. You should be satisfied with your love life,  those who are engaged will be able to solve some practical issues, like buying something, moving, going somewhere, making relationship official. Those who are single will have more options to choose an emotional partner. Everything will double, people around you, opportunities, chances for progress, flirting, traveling, learning and professional development, going abroad or even work there. Take advantage of your year the best you can. Don't doubt yourself nor people, because there will be no bad people just occasional poor assessments of situations and circumstances that you won't be able to affect and it will mostly concern your family and past.


The year that will press you with the truths, the ones you forbid yourself to remember. Many things around you will fall and you will be confronted with the mirror of conscience, truth and naked before yourself. By the middle of September, until Jupiter enters your sign, you will be questioning all the decisions, yourself, people around you. You won't be running to deal with the sludge around and inside you, but these situations will simply find you. It will also be in new people who will come into your life, young people, people full of ideas, optimism and you will be carried away by joy, and then twists will happen and you will realize that fascinations serve no purpose but only things that are practical and tangible. The period in which you will have perfect opportunities to learn something from bad things about yourself, people, love, to appreciate material values, and people's actions will last until the fall, and from then on  your year starts, in which you will connect the business and emotional and it will all bring you great success and gains in all areas of life. 


Bad years are behind you; Saturn left you and after that everything is a joke to you. You have a year ahead of you in which you will be able to apply your experiences that you gained in almost three past years. If you haven't learned anything, it will be a problem because old wounds will hurt you again, and if you have, you'll know how to help yourself because you are your own best friend but also the worst enemy. Choose what you are going to be. So, there will be temptations, mostly in the emotional field which is most important for you. It is important to understand that your partner can be your friend and not just a lover. You should look at him as of a human being and know that possessiveness and jealousy only harm you. Good year for maturing in a love relationship, gaining emotional security, but we can’t say the same for your wallet. You could come to a safe position in your career but not the leading one. Pay attention to your health and take care of it this year!


Uncle Saturn came to shake you up a little, torture you, teach you, squeeze you and mess with you. It's not a problem for him. He will bring distrust and doubts, especially while his ruler Jupiter is in Virgo.You will be most scared when it comes to health, your inborn sense of optimism will be undermined. You are expected to be down to earth throughout this year, and to serve financial and practical matters, without much philosophy to which you are prone. Due to Saturn you will learn, educate yourself with something that has a purpose and form, it will give you ambition and progress. Those who were considering moving should better postpone it since they'll be working more and earning less, they should better wait for the fall. In love life, your adventurous spirit will be trapped and serious approach will impose itself and it will suit you because you'll have security and you will be loved unreservedly.


Saturn as your ruler will be in your twelfth field over the next two and a half years and while Jupiter is in Virgo it will bring you the realization of realistic goals. There will be temptations, the inner voice that will spice up your imagination, keep poking you to make you realize some of your old dreams, disappointment will be waiting for you around the corner because if it doesn't have a realistic and practical line, it's not going to happen. Focus on material gain, economy; it 's a great year for taking exams of any kind and even for traveling abroad. Starting with fall, emotional fascinations are active, and again it will be hard to realize some fallacies. If you enter an emotional relationship by fall, it will bring prosperity and both of you will easily realize your ideas. Put the reason before emotions in this year and you will do well in all segments of life.



Saturn is your guy too, but you get on well with this one in Sagittarius, and he will be working against you in following years. He will be torturing you and pushing you around in order for you to get a position in the future. There's no way that you can do something about it, what you have done so far that is it, now external circumstances, people, situations, will get involved and you won't be able to influence them and the only thing you can do is go abroad. That is what I would recommend you. While Jupiter is in Virgo as a ruler of your guy, don't hope for prosperity and some great ideas that can be achieved unless they are practical. In the field of love starting with the fall, there is a possibility of getting back together with your former love or a relationship with someone you've known for a long time. Starting with the fall, some of you might get married. Love life will certainly go in your favor in the next year.


Don't hope for anything that's not material and tangible as long as your ruler is in Virgo by the fall. You will be getting, or at least, you'll see it that way, various good business offers, love as well, and actually it will all be suspicious and you can easily get disappointed. I'm warning you to be practical and not to listen to your heart but your mind. It screws you up regularly. Practical people will be entering your life, often those who think only about themselves, scrooges, economists, unromantic and nonspontaneous. You will be amazed by their intellect and you will trust them, but they only think of themselves, and they will think of you only if you serve and follow them. And you easily get into the role of victim. You'll have fears regarding the future, you sacrifice yourself for it, actually, the message for you for the next year is to sacrifice for yourself and not the others. They come and go and you stay on your own. Identify the strength within yourself and not in others. You don't need a buzzword, just stand with both feet on the ground. From the autumn of things will be better.


Horoscope reveals: Year of turnovers, pay attention to what kind of fate you can expect