Kind of women that he prefers: Aquarius prefers older and experienced, Scorpio like loyalty...

Male Libra looks for women’s physical beauty first, and then their virtues, while Pisces are

 a bit in love with themselves and wait for a woman to make the first move in courtship.


With nicely shaped body and always surrounded by women, Aries has a strong instinct to be the center of attention. He likes women’s grace and playfulness, but will also take their intelligence into account. He especially values a woman who knows to communicate in male company and who is not afraid of new contacts. He is a romantic and good lover. He is a great planner in practice, and the best way to get under his skin is to contribute to his plans. He is hard-working, so he easily earns money, but loses it quickly as well because of his extravagance.


This sign’s males are consistent and seek practicality in different life situations. They are very hard-working, but they want their work to be recognized and respected. Stubbornness and skepticism are their main weaknesses, and they often display jealousy and possessiveness. Although they are more difficult to be seduced than other zodiac signs, in a happy relationship Taurus will defend the honor and security of their chosen ones without compromise, even entering into physical fights if necessary. They know how to dress well and have a talent for finances.  


Intelligent and communicative, this man in average goes through more premarital relationships than the other signs. He's charming and loved by the opposite sex, who immediately notices his humor and positive vibes. They are sexy and seductive, but get quickly enough of it and want change. Their wives always have to think about new ways to entertain and challenge them, which is not always easy. They are open to the opinion of others but often philosophize about their own, which eventually leaves the impression that they are undecided.


Fully oriented to family life, a man of this sign is emotional and committed to his partner. He has a strong relationship with his mother, and longer trips will inevitably make him nostalgic for home. He often changes his mood and is very careful with money. He acts similarly when choosing a woman and it will take some time for him to open up. Although sensitive, he readily seeks beauty in everything he sees. Representatives of this sign like good clothes, and often become talented cooks and writers.


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Charismatic and eager for attention, Leo has tremendous confidence in his abilities. Optimistic and independent, he easily becomes the center of attention and knows how to stay there. He is responsible regarding his duties, but he can badly treat his subordinates. Immensely stubborn, he hardly accepts defeat, and any failure discourages him easily. Partner must understand his passion for success in life and should always be ready to flattery and encouragement. The worst thing you can do to Leo is to ignore him or carelessly not noticing his achievements.


Practical and logical, Virgo males often have a career in science and medicine. Always firmly on the ground, they will take care of their hygiene and appearance and will notice their partners’ failures in this regard. They are not too open in showing emotions, which does not mean that they do not have any. They are happy when women show respect for their intellect. Their main weakness is the lack of self-confidence, and they expect of their partners an evidence of their commitment. On the other hand, consideration and patience come from their rationality.

What kind of women, Aquarius prefers older, Scorpio like loyalty


With an athletic physique and good communication skills, Libra males are great love partners concerning many aspects. They have a sense of humor, know how to attract, and their energy never goes unnoticed. One of their great virtues is the ability to rise easily from the ashes and fearlessly fight back even when everything seems hopeless. On the other hand, they tend to be superficial, wasteful and obsessed with themselves. They will first look for women’s physical beauty, and only then their virtues.


Regardless of their physical appearance, men of this sign easily seduce women. They have a strong desire for position and control, and their mysterious nature leaves no one indifferent. Money, excitement and status motivate them easily, but even though they can go to extremes in adherence to their moral values. This includes loyalty of partners they like. Rumors about unstoppable sexual appetite are exaggerated. These men simply enjoy in bed, together with their partners.





Male Sagittarius bursts with optimism and joy, and always looks bright side of things. He is equally successful in career and relationships. As a kid forever, he does not care about his appearance, and will not mind if his partner does the same. He doesn’t have even a tiny bit of jealousy or possessiveness, and values above all freedom and trust. At the same time, this is his weakness. He can be naive, so he expects too much from others. He often offends his interlocutors with his sincerity.


A master when it comes to a business career, Capricorn is an intelligent, successful and persistent in his plans. Skillful in making money and contacts, he is a leader by nature who easily wins over others for his goals. Although surprisingly emotional, he has difficulties to express his feelings. Capricorn will avoid a woman who shares his ambition, fearing she would jeopardize his ruling position. They are control addicted, which is why they care about the appearance and behavior in society.


Members of this sign are stable and strong, with a strong thoughtfulness and desire to contribute to society. Always ready to compassion, but closed when it comes to their own emotions, male Aquarius are difficult to understand by the opposite sex. That is why they often end up with older, more experienced woman who is sympathetic to their frequent affinity to daydream and silence. If they live in an environment without the pressure, they will give love in return.


The most powerful feature of these men is inborn intuitiveness, so you can expect to be understood even when all other signs of the zodiac turn their head from you. They are sensitive and look for a person to accompany them in confronting all the troubles in life. They are a little bit in love with themselves and expect women to make the first step in the courtship. They are attractive, but faithful as well. But beware of their tendency to lying and hypocrisy. They also have very strong self-destructiveness, so take care of their self-confidence.

Kind of women that he prefers: Aquarius prefers older and experienced, Scorpio like loyalty...