YOU FEEL THE ENERGY THAT DRAWS YOU TO HIM: These are the first signs that you are in a karmic relationship

You know the feeling when you are attracted as with a magnet.

From time to time we all meet someone special with whom we share a moment and an intense relationship. We have a feeling as if we know that soul, the look in the eyes or the energy of this person strongly attracts us.

There are various things that can attract us... It can be a tone of voice, way of dressing, the scent of their skin, or something significant that this person said, causing this flame deep inside to quickly turn into a raging fire.

These are usually the first signs that we are in a karmic relationship. The person seems very familiar to us and we feel as if we know them from before - perhaps from a previous life, which can be very weird, especially if we don’t believe in reincarnation. Such feelings often occur in some friendships, but when this happens in a romantic sense, attraction and emotions are enhanced. We yearn for the company of this person, we want to know more about them and discover why our souls seem to be two pieces of the puzzle.

YOU FEEL THE ENERGY THAT DRAWS YOU TO HIM: These are the first signs that you are in a karmic relationship from which there is NO WAY OUT

Karmic bond can often be rough, either verbally or physically, and it’s up to us to ask ourselves why we accept such behavior and why we feel so unworthy that we have allowed someone to treat us so badly. Often, negative behavior can seem comfortable and well-known, especially if we have experienced such behavior at an early stage in our lives. Just because we recognized that soul, that doesn’t mean that now it is necessary to accept it, when we have the choice to leave. Anger and fury can also be very common patterns of behavior in a karmic relationship; sometimes it takes just a meaningless little thing to make us lose temper and provoke an irrational reaction. This is due to past experiences that trigger similar responses.

Such types of relationships are very common if there are many things we need to work on ourselves and when we are at very low frequencies. Such relationships test our extreme limits of endurance and push us further so we are forced to seek the right purpose and meaning of our lives.


Through karmic relationships, we actually find out what we want from future relationships. When we complete the cycle of karmic relationships and stop attracting such lessons, we will become aware of what exactly should be thrown out of our lives. People who work on themselves during karmic love relationships very soon after that attract a soul mate, but may still be attracted by karmic friendships or will be in karmic struggles with members of their family.

These relationships are not our destiny; they are simply our past that is repeated over and over again until we find out what is to be learned and until we are ready to make the right decisions for a balanced, healthy future free of chaos. We are often afraid of the unknown, however, when we realize that the ‘unknown’ means freeing from karmic relationships and finding a genuine and authentic relationship, we will know that it is the most beautiful, peaceful, caring thing we will ever do for ourselves.