Rules of successful date: Five top secrets

In order to achieve this, they buy new clothes, go to the gym, read smart books so that they can fascinate their ‘cavalier’ with their beauty.

In order to find out top 5 secrets of successful dating, we consulted the young men who have unanimously said that the main thing that they appreciate in girls is - natural beauty, modesty and sense of humor.

We have to admit that men are nervous on the first date, no less than girls, so arm yourself with our secrets, so that the first date goes as successfully as possible.

1. The way you dress

The Golden rule of the first date is the correct choice of clothes. This means that if the date is in a coffee shop, you shouldn’t come in evening dress and high heels, but also not tired and messy. If you've already agreed on going out, be kind and give up your favorite sneakers and a hoodie sweatshirt. It is important to find a balance between being comfortable and adapting clothes to the place where you go. If it is minus fifteen degrees, the cotton mini dress will clearly embarrass both him and you.

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2. Compliments

Welcome that sets the tone for further communication is very important. Success lies in a gentle voice, puzzled look and little secrets. Do your best and give the man a few compliments. They also enjoy being admired by ladies.

Rules of successful date: Five top secrets

3. Conversation

There is a list of taboo topics at the first date that would put you or him in an awkward position. These are politics, religion, children and former relationships. All these questions will be relevant in future, but not on a first date. Also avoid topics on adventures, masculinity and alcohol. Excellent topics for conversation on a first date are discussing plans for the future, mutual taste in movies, music, food. You can ask about his family, preferences, interests. All the answers will help you understand how interested you are in this man, and whether there is a chance for a relationship.

4. Paying

Whether you go to a chic cafe or a restaurant, man is the one who pays the bill. Thank him for a great coffee or romantic dinner, but allow him to pay the bill.

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5. Summarizing impressions

Perhaps the most difficult situation is when you come home after the date and summarize all that happened during the evening. Assess how much you liked it, what is good and what is - bad. But in any case, send him a text and thank him for a good time. If you are both interested in proceeding, this is the beginning of your story, and if you're not - politely say ‘goodbye’.

Rules of successful date: Five top secrets