Astrology: What’s your ideal morning routine according to horoscope

In order to make the most out of your morning, we reveal how your ideal morning routine should look like according to horoscope sign.


Your sign in the morning: You get out of bed in good mood and ready to start a new day. You are quick and try to do as many things as possible in short period of time. In the morning you like to do something concrete to know that the day has started.​

Your ideal morning routine: Since you love mornings full of energy, choose the activity from which your heart will work faster - many Aries like to exercise in the morning. Sex is not a bad choice either. You will take your breakfast as you go and that’s the best option for you because it doesn’t suit you to sit and eat slowly in peace. You don’t need much time to get dressed, so you don’t have to get up early in the morning to save time. After taking a shower in the morning, you are ready for action.​


Your sign in the morning: After you wake up in the morning you are not too communicative, at least not until the first-morning coffee. You need space and you don’t like being rushed because you are not so fast in the morning. Too much stimulation in the morning can disturb you before you are fully awake.​

Your ideal morning routine: You love the light and calm mornings. Listening to instrumental music while you're getting ready in the morning for work is very soothing. Exercise in the morning is just not for you. You should work out in the afternoon, after work.​


Your sign in the morning: You're pretty communicative in the morning. You like to talk and to know what's happening on social networks as soon as you wake up in the morning.​

Your ideal morning routine: You are really social in the morning. Morning is the best time for you to talk to family and friends, either by phone or on Facebook.​


Your sign in the morning: You are not in a hurry to get up from the bed in the morning, but once you get up, you are focused on other people because you like to take care of others. You will also take time for yourself in the morning because you simply enjoy the whole morning preparation process for the beginning of a new day. At the same time, you are pretty quiet in the morning and love quiet mornings.​

Your ideal morning routine: Your ideal morning involves taking care of others, as well as yourself. The day that begins with a shower or a bath before you focus on other things around you would perfectly suit you. Make breakfast for the family, or a morning coffee or text a friend who is throwing a party at home and ask if they need help.



Your sign in the morning: Let's just say that morning is not your time to shine. It's hard to wake you up in the morning, and when it eventually happens, you may be cranky anyway. You are pretty complicated in your unique way, but once you finish your morning routine, your fun and the creative side will soon appear.

Your ideal morning routine: You love peaceful mornings and when you can keep everything under control because unexpected situations can easily disturb you. For example, if you share a bathroom with someone who is inconsistent in their routine, set up a morning schedule so you are not surprised when you find someone in the shower at the time when you should brush your teeth. Since you are not so fast in the morning, take some extra time to get everything done and get out of the house in time.

Astrology: What’s your ideal morning routine according to horoscope


Your sign in the morning: You are a slave to your habits so that your mornings all look alike.​

Your ideal morning routine: You are focused on one goal. Exercise in the morning according to schedule is perfect for you because you like to have tasks in front of you that you can achieve, and you can also make a list of housework that you will do. Take your time, don’t rush, but make a good assessment of how much time you have in the morning. Take some time to shower too.​


Your sign in the morning: You like to be near people you know in the morning. You don’t do anything in haste, not even in the morning, and you always try to look the best you can.​

Your ideal routine: In the morning you like to spend time on your outfit, hair and makeup, and it's unlikely you'll stick your head under the pillow after your alarm clock goes off in the morning. You like to invest a lot of energy in your relationships, so do something nice for your partner early in the morning. You can make them coffee or leave a nice message. Other people give you positive energy, you love socializing, and you are communicative, so in the morning make a short call to a friend or family member.​


Your sign in the morning: You crave for new information, and you want to know everything that’s happening the first thing in the morning. In the morning you are not in the too good mood.

Your ideal morning routine: In the morning you should find a way to improve your mood. Morning exercises are not hard for you (the more difficult, the better), but since you don’t like a company in the morning, arrange when you can be alone in the gym in the morning. Later, take some time to thoroughly read the newspapers because you are really addicted to the news.


Your sign in the morning: You never put off the alarm in the morning and you tend to wake up with a vision of what you want to achieve that day. If you need to do something, you're willing to get up at 4 in the morning to get everything done. You like multitasking because time is precious to you and you need to use it wisely.

Your ideal morning routine: You like every day to have a purpose. Wake up early, work out or spend time on a project. You are dedicated to work you do and don’t postpone your obligations.


Your morning sign: You don’t jump out of bed in the morning, but you don’t put off the alarm when it goes off. Capricorns like to get up every day at exactly the same time to perform their morning tasks. They are fans of ‘working uniforms’ because they wear similar clothes every day.

Your ideal morning routine: It would be ideal for you to start the morning with a certain job. You are disciplined and before you leave home you like to finish the work you have started. Considering that you already have a ‘formula’ for getting dressed, you have enough time in the morning for other things.


Your sign in the morning: Unpredictable. You don’t like being told what to do, and you have a problem with maintaining the routine and sticking to the schedule. You’ve never had the same two mornings. You like to know what's happening in the world so you love to talk to people and find out what happened while you were sleeping.

Your ideal morning routine: You may criticize yourself because you did not stick to the schedule, but the reality is that it won’t happen. If you want to get up early and exercise, great. If you want to sleep a little longer, take a nap, but be careful not to be late for work. In any case, take the time for activities you love.



Your sign in the morning: You like to sleep. If it were up to you, you would stay in bed all day. Once you get up, you don’t like being rushed. You like to start your day slowly.

Your ideal morning routine: Comfortable and calm, that's your motto. If the time allows it, make coffee and breakfast that you can have in bed. Read the newspapers. After that, take a long shower and get ready for the new beginning of the day. The key is just to get up early enough to do it all.