Zodiac signs in a bar: Aquarius flirts, Aries woman the loudest in the room....

If you think that you know someone based only on the Zodiac sign they belong to, you are wrong

People say that the best way to get to know someone is over a drink

Who sings at the top of his voice, who prefers sophisticated bohemian gatherings?


 Aries is a fire sign but when in a bar he is like a fish in water, regardless of the occasion. After a few drinks, he becomes direct, especially towards women. Although being focused on ladies, he entertains everyone around him and tells jokes.

Female Aries is the loudest in a bar. She orders doubles for everyone and tips the musicians who play at her table.


Taurus would prefer to have his pub, which is not so rare, but if that is not a case than he has his favorite place where everyone knows him, from a bartender to a florist.  He gathers musicians around his table, and tips them heavily, has special requests, wants to please his girlfriend/wife or a lady he is fond of.

Female Taurus enjoys going out, and also likes to sing, a karaoke restaurant by the river is the perfect choice for her.



You will have the best fun if you go to a bar with a Gemini, no matter if you go as a couple, friends or just acquaintances. Male born under this sign can be irresistible because he can do what others can't- to sing, dance and entertain. 

Female Gemini is always in the company of young people, she doesn't check on her partner, she is not jealous and has fun as a child (or better to say, as a little girl).


Although he loves his home and family the most- the second home for a Cancer is – his favorite bar. There is no other place in the world where he can relax over a drink with friends, to sing, dance, and to have fun 'till the early morning hours.

Female cancer likes to dance, especially Latin dances. When she wants to relax, she will go out with her female friends. If she's with a partner, she's focused on him as if no one else exists.


The king of entertainment, dance and parties, Leo can organize everything in his favorite pub or restaurant, where everybody greets him on his way in, waiters fight over who will lead him to his table.

Female Leo, attractive and provocative, will look around first checking the atmosphere. She walks with her head high to the dance floor while everybody is watching. Then she dances knowing that she's irresistible.

Zodiac signs in a bar: Aquarius flirts, Aries woman the loudest in the room....


Virgo is born for entertainment and relaxation. Who would say, bearing in mind that he's always so polite, decent and restrained. After few drinks, when the atmosphere gets heated up, he orders and pays for drinks. And when everybody else goes a bit tired, he starts to wake up, he climbs the tables or a bar, begins to sing and dance.

Female Virgo will pretend that it wasn't her, but his twin sister, who caroused previous night.


A bohemian, a gentleman, a hedonist- a male Libra can't do without hanging out with friends in his favorite bar (or the most expensive restaurant). He insists on paying the bill, takes care if the glasses are full, tip musicians at his table and won't let them go.

A sophisticated female Libra chooses high-end restaurants for a gossip with her friends, and live music bars where she can stay till the early morning hours, when decides to let herself a go. If she has fun, she doesn't check the time.



Elegant and loud, magnetically attractive to the opposite sex, Scorpio enjoys being in pubs or bars, pretending not to notice a person who's lustfully staring at him. He won't let you leave the party when you want, but when he says you can go.

Female Scorpio chooses a bar or a restaurant, she can be a heavy drinker or doesn't drink alcohol at all. She likes flirting with influential or wealthy gentlemen because her wooer can't be just anybody.


He adores bars, especially modern ones in downtown, where famous people drop in including himself since male Sagittarius is always a welcomed guest. He can start a conversation on any topic, hot ones included. He can control himself- he doesn't make problems after a few drinks.

Female Sagittarius can easily fit with both males and females, and will enjoy in any public place. Because of her adventurous spirit, she likes to go to different and new restaurants and bars.


There is a deep-rooted belief that a female Capricorn only work, work and work, that she is stuck-up and restrained, but she knows how to relax in a bar with her friends over a glass of red wine. She likes music, so will not hesitate to stand up and dance.

A male Capricorn, seemingly shy and absent-minded, stays out until the early morning hours. He doesn't allow anyone to go home, so some of his friends, particularly his work colleagues, can hardly recognize him.


Whenever he comes, he will be welcome, both at home and in a bar. It doesn't make any difference to Aquarius because he sees his home as a place to sleep, a bar as a place full of everything he adores- drinking and flirting with women of dubious reputation (especially when they sit on his lap).

Female Aquarius can entertain with her friends in her favorite bar till dawn while her loved one plays computer games at home.


He enjoys spending time with his friends in a bar because he already knows who drinks what, and what kind of music they like. Who cares what time it is when he has a great time, and behave as being in another world, the one of his imagination.

Female Pisces likes discreet places, somewhere near the river, if possible, extraordinary food and drinks and a gentleman who will indulge her every wish.  She is the master of seduction.