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Pisces Accurate Horoscope: Wed, June, 17, 2024.

Love: Playfulness, joy, and companionship in a good mood are certain. If you are already in a relationship, it will improve.

Career: Ignore provocateurs who only come to your door to make you unstable. You have support and go on.

Health & Advice: Don't play with people.


You are very susceptible to all, even the most complex, human experiences. You are full of understanding for all people and very warm-hearted. Emotionally naive, you constantly overlook the flaws and shortcomings of others. However, you may be easily hurt and inclined to feel sad and cry over yourself for the smallest reason.

You do not like to confront facts coldly and objectively, and your relationships with others suffer from such pronounced sensitivity. Sometimes you lack a sense of humor and common sense, so you may resemble the proverbial image of a person who loves to mourn.

Your senses can deceive you due to your overly developed romanticism and optimism; you truly wear rose-colored glasses. Since you want to see the best in everything, reality and truth only disturb you. You usually have a gift for music, poetry, and art.

Depending on the aspects, this can be the worst or best position of the Moon. If the position is favorable, then you are a true visionary; if it is unfavorable, it can lead to total delusion or loss of illusions. You are quiet, inclined to withdrawal, kind-hearted, and compassionate to everyone. Gentle, occasionally good-natured, you do not stand firmly on the ground and are a dreamer. You often change your mind, so you can be unreliable, easily discouraged, and prone to depression.

Those with this lunar position possess the most pronounced extrasensory abilities, yet when you want to achieve your goals, you face many obstacles and there is much room for mourning. You need to feel protected and loved, love beauty, harmony, and comfort around you, and if that is lacking, you suffer.

In a woman's horoscope, excess emotions can lead to health problems. A woman with this lunar position may marry late. At the same time, this position indicates a certain quiet magnetism that attracts men.

A man with the Moon in Pisces wants a devoted, warm, and compassionate partner who will likely have a strong influence on him, becoming indispensable in his private life, but not necessarily in his career.

You perceive your mother as a compassionate person, but she may be very absorbed in her own life. You do not always see her clearly; sometimes you over-idealize her, and sometimes you underestimate her.