CHINESE HOROSCOPE FOR 2017: What does the year of RED ROOSTER bring

The year is associated with the energy of Rooster according to Chinese belief. Rooster itself is connected to action, dynamics and safety.

Here the work is the matter that may come to the fore. Travel is also closely related to the energy of the Rooster. Rooster knows how to focus attention on himself, and although his nature strives for serenity, crowd easily gathers around him. The energy of dynamics and new potentials will be ongoing through 2017.


For Aries the coming year can be very important when it comes to business. It is time for the Aries to 'move' towards new directions in business. The energy of the Red Rooster will offer new opportunities and the chance to get to the new line of business.


Taurus belongs to the element of Earth and therefore this sign will need great adaptation in the year of the Fire (Red) Rooster. Action and dynamics can occupy an important place on the path to high career goals for Taurus. However, Taurus will have to 'hurry up' if he wants to reach specific goals. Year of Fire (Red Rooster) can be particularly important in the field of medicine and education. This is a very good year for investments in real estate.


In the year of Fire (Red) Rooster Gemini will be in their own steady rhythm and dynamics. Due to good communication skills this sign will be able to make a lot of acquaintances, but also projects which will definitely act positively on the financial level. Work and effort will come to the fore here. Gemini will be stubborn this year to come to their goal, regardless of what it costs and breaking down taboos.



For representatives of Cancer year of Fire (Red) Rooster can be very important when it comes to business. Cancer is not recommended to change jobs, because such a decision could prove to be very contradictory over time. Work will be pronounced, but basically a loss of a job is possible for this sign.


Year of Fire (Red) Rooster could be very important for representatives of Leo when it comes to destiny events, but also to a business initiative. The credibility of this sign will be on the rise. Many will seek advice from Leo when it comes to business. This sign will need great work in the year of Rooster in order to come to a result. But Rooster can award work and perseverance so satisfaction won't be missing especially in the second half of the year.

CHINESE HOROSCOPE FOR 2017: What does the year of RED ROOSTER bring


For representatives of Virgo the year of Fire (Red) Rooster could be the year of beginning when it comes to career and business. Spring can bring interruption in old ways of doing business or cease of old income. But regardless of that, Virgos will have new business offers that will open the possibility of creating.


Year of the Fire (Red) Rooster for representatives of Libra can work with difficulties in certain segments. Libra is the sign that strives for stability and harmony, and basically doesn't like conflicts and criticism. But since the year of Fire (Red) Rooster is dynamic, it can create situations of high tension for sensitive Libras. At work, Libra will have a lot of moments where they will be facing bleak criticism of others, but they should try to keep their dignity. The material situation will have its ups and downs throughout the year.


Year of the Fire (Red) Rooster may be the year of 'grand opening to the world'. This year will help Scorpios come to certain business offers which can be very important when it comes to building material stability, but also their career. However, business and money situation will depend a lot on Scorpio's attitude. Scorpio can be too analytical and critical towards certain items which may lead to loss of specific business opportunities, which is not such a favorable moment for this sign.


Year of the Fire (Red) Rooster can be a 'double-edged sword' for representatives of Sagittarius. When it comes to business Sagittarius will have to concentrate maximally and put aside their other interests and hobbies. But it is also possible that this fiery sign will have certain surprises regarding the competition and that is why it is very important not to give in on the way of achieving their ambitions. Work and persistence will be rewarded in the year of Rooster.

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Year of the Fire (Red) Rooster for representatives of Capricorn carries a strong message that says: 'Move on'. This earth sign will have plenty of opportunities to enter a new business, but also certain delays or blockages can occur when it comes to traveling. Moving to another place of residence is something that is possible during the year of Fire Rooster for Capricorns. A lot of dynamics and movements will come to this sign which can be constructive and optimistic for Capricorns. Also education and professional training can be pronounced here. End of spring and beginning of fall can bring unexpected gains, but they should be careful because someone who will try to take advantage of the good nature of this earth signs may appear.


Year of the Fire (Red) Rooster will be very active for representatives of Aquarius. The whole year will be oriented towards earning and material existence. The Aquarius will have to try hard to make their commitment come to the fore. Also this year, Aquarius needs to work on expressing their talents, which could help when it comes to career and money. Aquarius should be careful with money in the year of Red Rooster because spending will be very pronounced, sometimes even too much. There is a possibility of receiving gifts during the year.


For Pisces the coming year of Fire (Red) Rooster may be encouraging when it comes to business. The appearance of new business associates can be crucial. However, it will be necessary for Pisces to continue to work on expanding their knowledge in order to make more productive use of their potential. Deception by business associates is possible too, so they should be careful with business contracts. Earnings could be increasing because of the new project.

CHINESE HOROSCOPE FOR 2017: What does the year of RED ROOSTER bring