Let the stars help you choose the right one - Astro quiz: The type of man you want

You can choose among many of them. Let the stars help you

1. Nothing is sexier than a man who:

A. Is an athlete both in and out of bed

B. Has a high-yielding bank account and wears designer suits

C. passionately debates on global politics and important ideas

D. Sings a song he wrote for you

2. A perfect foreplay is:

A. A glass of expensive wine, candles and a bubble bath he prepared for you. And, yes, a foot massage.

B. Listening to classical music while kissing and making out.

C. heated, but simulative discussion that awakens your intellectual appetites.

D. A bit of 'wrestling' between sheets is enough to stir up the passion.

3. Your ideal first date would be:

A. Climbing or surfing. You want to know how far he will go.

B. A romantic walk in a park or a field trip where you can talk and get to know each other better.

C. Going out to the theatre or an exhibition, and a cocktail party afterwards.

D. Dinner in a restaurant outside the town which serves only organic food grown in that particular area.

4. There is a fight at the party between two guys. What do you expect your date to react?

A. Throws himself between them trying to stop the fight.

B. Finds a first aid kit just in case someone needs it.

C. Stands in front of you to protect you.

D. Use his diplomatic skills to convince them to stop.


5. A Valentine day of your dreams has to include:

A. Champagne and jewelry.

B. A puppy you've wanted for years.

C. Hot, passionate night in which you'll make all your sexual fantasies true.

D. Breakfast in bed, a photo album full of your photos and a playlist of your favorite songs.

Let the stars help you choose the right one - Astro quiz: The type of man you want


1. a–4, b–1, c–3, d–2

2. a–1, b–2, c–3, d–4

3. a–4, b–2, c–3, d–1

4. a–4, b–1, c–2, d–3

5. a–1, b–2, c–4, d–3


EARTH SIGNS (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn): 5-7 points:

For: Steady and truly passionate

Against: Picky and demanding

Men that belong to Earth signs have a blend of a rough and sophisticated taste, but also a raw passion that can knock you off your feet. These guys easily climb the career ladder and like a luxurious life, but still have both feet on the ground. Talk to him often and don't let his needs overshadow yours. And you should know that they are experts in bed, so don't be too shy.

WATER SIGNS (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): 8-11 points:

For: Seductive and vigilant

Against: He is hard to read and shy

If you are looking for sensibility or a romance, he will provide you with it. As if they have the sixth sense, they always know what women want, so they try to please them. They are sensitive, but often how to express their feelings, so you have to help them in the beginning. They like to spend time with their family.

AIR SIGNS (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): 12- 15 points

For: Wise and Witty

Against: Confused and temperamental

O, you enjoy in conversations. These guys are amazing in conversations that keep you awake whole night. Luckily enough, they are also good in dirty talks. They enjoy cultural events, drinks after work and barbeque with friends where opinions and attitudes can be exchanged. They are particularly fond of women who support them.  Their strongest point is communication, so you should have your cell phone on you and enjoy naughty SMSs and seductive e-mails.

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):16 – 20 points

For: Attractive and funny

Against: Unpredictable and reckless

His magnetic adventurous spirit can be exciting, but be careful; these guys easily get into new relationships. So, fasten your belts, you're going for a wild ride. You should plan such activities that can lower the level of his almost inexhaustible energy.

One advice: They like an excitement of hunting, so show them that you are not an easy catch.